10 NEW Ways To Explore Gold Coast After Conquering Dreamworld And Sea World

gold coast
Non-touristy things to do in Gold Coast   Most people think that the Gold Coast is all about beaches and lepak -ing, but there are loads of activities for travelers who’d rather have an adventure in the great outdoors than lie on a beach towel and suntan. We’re not talking...
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11 All Natural Swimming Holes In Queensland You Need To Know About Now

Best places to cool off this summer   Source If you’re thinking of heading to the beach but dreading the throngs of people dotting the famous Surfers Paradise, we’ve got a suggestion for you. This summer, skip out on the overcrowded beaches and head into the great outdoors to enjoy...
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50 Reasons Why Queensland Is The Best Part of Australia

The Best of Queensland   Source Take it from someone who’s been to 4 different parts of Australia - Queensland has some of the most breathtaking sights and wonderful things to do. With its gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests, vast deserts, exotic wildlife and laidback lifestyle, my heart was captured by...
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