10 Student Food Promos At Bugis Junction & Bugis+ To Enjoy With Your Matric Card

sharetea bubble tea promotion
Student deals at Bugis Junction X Bugis+    The perils of being a broke student - kiasu , low on budget, and forced to revisit the same old restaurants and food courts we’ve been patronising for pretty much the entire course of our studies.  The struggle to find cheap and...
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18 Eateries In Bukit Timah For Students With Less Than $10 In Their Wallets

We too need affordable food   If you’re a student of any one of the numerous schools in Bukit Timah, you’ve probably fallen victim to the ‘Bukit Timah Belt’ stereotype. You know what I’m talking about - the absurd generalization that all students from schools along the Bukit Timah stretch...
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