PastaMania's Limited Edition Star Wars Plushies Are So Cute Even A Non-Fan Would Queue For Them

PastaMania star wars mini plushies
PastaMania’s Star Wars-inspired meals and collectables   There’s simply no escaping the waves of excitement that Star Wars generates even after its debut 40 years ago - we’re so invested that there’s even a day dedicated to the movie in our calendars: May the 4th. So it’s no surprise that...
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Nestlé Has Limited Edition BB-8 Cereal Containers That Even Adults Will Chiong For At Their Roadshows

Take home a NESTLÉ BB-8 Star Wars cereal container   A BB-GR8 way to start the day Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, you’ve probably heard of BB-8, the cutest new addition to the Star Wars family. The droid, who is ace pilot, Poe Dameron’s, loyal companion will be...
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Changi City Point Is Bringing Its Star Wars Game This Christmas With Exclusive Collectibles & Themed Family Makeovers

Star Wars Event Changi City Point Singapore
Star Wars: The Last Jedi event at Changi City Point Besides Christmas, there’s one more thing to look forward to in December. That is, if you’re a Star Wars fan. Cue the Imperial March, because the much-awaited 8th installment of the STAR WARS™ saga will finally storm into cinemas - The...
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