8 Stunning Underwater Wrecks And Sculptures You Can Find Diving Near Singapore

tioman treadmill underwater diving wrecks sculptures sights south east asia singapore
Marvels at the bottom of the ocean   Adapted from source Diving is an otherworldly experience. You break the confinements of physiological limits, and venture into territory where you have no place to be, opening your eyes and mind to the vastness of the sea. From wrecks to artificial reefs,...
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10 Epic Rail Journeys You Can Make In South-East Asia

Have a rail -y good time aboard the choo-choo!   Source Plane journeys are dime a dozen nowadays - it’s the de facto mode of transportation for many of us, and Changi Airport is bustling with people 24/7.  But there was a time not-so-long ago where spending days on the...
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