7 Experiences In Prague That Would Inspire The Next Wes Anderson Film

prague czech republic
The best non-touristy experiences in Prague   As the most precious jewel in the crown of European cities, Prague is well known for its glorious baroque-style buildings, myriad of cultural activities, and beer that’s cheaper than water. But as the bustling capital of the Czech Republic, it can be pretty...
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9 Food Scenes In Super Slow Motion Glory That Will Trigger Any Singaporean

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Food scenes in melodramatic Super Slow Motion    Whether it’s splitting chopsticks unevenly or tearing xiao long bao when you kiap it - these are food moments that we encounter almost everyday. But even though these scenes can be frustrating, you'll be able to appreciate them with a totally new...
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11 Fitspo Photographs To Bluff Everyone You're An Olympic Athlete

fitspo olympic athlete
#Fitspo Photography Without The Commitment   There are two kinds of people in this world. People who keep fit, and people who feel tired just thinking about keeping fit. Working out? Eating healthy? Err, the only 6 pack I'm getting is a 6-pack chicken nuggets from McDonalds, thanks. Now if...
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4 Hidden Bunkers In Singapore Only For The Most Adventurous Explorers

hidden bunkers in singapore thesmartlocal
Hidden Bunkers In Singapore   It’s been more than 60 years since World War II - and while our minds have completely erased almost all of its traces, war relics still stand strong to tell tales of a time past. While most of us have been to Labrador or Fort...
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7 Ulu Places So On The Edges Of Singapore That You Might Receive Welcome SMSes From Malaysia

Living life on the edge   If the safe city life is starting to bore you, listen up - we’ll show you how to literally live life on the edge. From lighthouses to beaches, we bring you a list of the best corners of Singapore for you to lepak on...
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10 Simple Tips for Amazing Food Photos That Will Up Your Instagram Game

Do you even Instagram?   Everyone can take a selfie. The only thing that has changed is that it’s become serious business. Yes friends, professional Instagramming has become a thing. With Instagrammers quitting their day jobs to propel themselves into the world of lights, camera and action, we find ourselves...
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10 Genius Spots for Beautiful Optical Illusions in Singapore

Optical illusion 101   Have you ever seen photos of people hanging off ledges and walls sail past your Instagram feed? But before you start fearing for their lives, you tilt your head only to realise that instead of them holding for dear life, they’re just lying on the ground...
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