SkillsFuture Festival 2018's Launch Event Has Free Pastry-Making & Management Classes

free cooking classes in singapore
SkillsFuture Festival 2018   Maybe you’ve always wanted to pick up a new skill but never had the time or opportunity. No excuses now , because SkillsFuture Festival 2018 is the perfect one-stop place to learn everything - from managing difficult people in the office to learning how to be...
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11 Skills To Upgrade Your Own OS & Be Guaranteed Job Security In Singapore

Virtual classrooms for the young
Level up your skills for the future   Adapted from  Source , Source I grew up spending hours playing MapleStory, Guild Wars, and Diablo. It wasn’t just all fun and games because I picked up one of the greatest life lessons ever - in games, just like in real life,...
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10 Courses Millennials Should Go For During Work Hours To Increase Their Skills

Time to upgrade your skills   In Mandarin, there’s a saying which translates to “ study for as long as you live ”. Learning is an ongoing process - you’re never really done even after graduating and entering the workforce. Be it going for courses to upgrade your skills or...
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13 Confirm-Plus-Chop Ways To Snag A Pay Raise AND Year-End Bonus

The game plan to your well-deserved pay raise   Chances are, you’re a 20-something-year-old who’s just managed to get your career on track - not as green as a fresh grad, but not in the industry long enough to be completely jaded. You’ve been in the position for a substantial...
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