Why Singlish Is The Most Efficient Language In The World - TSL Comedy: Episode 28

Speak Good Singlish Movement No matter what the gahmen does to make us Speak Good English , we know deep down in our hearts that Singlish is the best language in the world. It helps us say as little as possible but still gets our message across, and honestly, most...
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12 Questions All Singaporeans Are Guilty Of Asking Our Angmoh Friends

Is it all ang mohs stay at Ang Mo Kio?   Caucasians, or Ang Mohs, as we are fond of referring them to as, get plenty of reactions when they land on our sunny shores. That’s right, despite running Singapore for more than a century, us average folk still look...
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11 Singlish Expressions That Will Only Make Sense To Singaporeans

Literally Translated Singlish Terms   Undeniably unique and surprisingly simple to follow, Singlish is one of my favourite things about being Singaporean. But sometimes even as I utter Singlish terms, I can't help but chortle at how senseless it can be.  Even so, this powerfully efficient method of communication has...
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18 Singlish Slangs We Used To Say That Have Gone Extinct

Singlish words that should make a comeback   With the popularity of "new" words like swag , hashtag , and meh , many of us are struggling to keep up with the new words entering the dictionary. Local slangs like step (act cool) are also entering the Singlish lexicon, making...
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25 Signs Singaporean Blood Flows Through Your Veins

25 Signs You're Singaporean   Even if you don't keep up with local media anymore, you know Singapore's seen some big changes since the dawn of the 21st century. From Singlish to the indomitable traffic summon aunties and uncles, we Singaporeans share a rich cultural memory. But with the influx of foreigners...
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23 Words Mispronounced By Singaporeans Their Whole Lives

23 Words Most Commonly Mispronounced by Singaporeans   Picture: @chaverry Update: Thanks for the comments guys! We've since improved on this list it's now up to 23 words! Thank you to  Cheryl Suah for adding points 13-23. Now don't get me wrong, Singlish is great. It gets the job done...
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