5 Daily Opportunities Singaporeans Can Make New Friends But Don't Because Pai Seh

lift stranger
Opportunities to socialise   If we seized every chance we had to make a new friend, we’d probably have a million friends by now. You’ll be surprised at how many opportunities come by us on a daily basis, that we throw away because we’re just that anti-social. Here are 5...
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13 Weird Things I've Learned About Singapore After Living Here For A Month

kopi, plastic bag
Moving from London to Singapore   From London to Singapore, moving to the other side of the world was a scary but ultimately rewarding experience. For example, I've learnt to adapt to  Kopi C instead of my usual daily dose of Earl Grey . Sure, it's different, but it'll do. Of...
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10 Dying Trades In Singapore That May Become Extinct Forever Soon

The Passion Behind The Tradition   At times, it seems like Singaporeans are just a bunch of fancy office workers. When all we see are soaring skyscrapers and hurried businessmen rushing from place to place, it’s hard to remember that Singapore is so much more than our glitzy CBD. There’s...
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20 Signs You Grew Up A Singaporean Westsider

The Wild, Wild West   What up, West side! Do you get teased at for living on the secluded side of the island? Does the quiet end of Singapore please you or bother you? I’ve lived here for 20 years and I LOVE IT. From the ridiculous travelling hours to...
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Tattoo Artists of Singapore & Questions You've Always Wanted To Ask Them

What’s in a Tattoo?   To the public eye, tattoos are a taboo. The idea of leaving a permanent visual on one’s skin doesn’t favour with most people. When I was younger, I imagined tattooed individuals to be people of few words, leaving their inked bodies to tell their tales....
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15 Signs You Grew Up as a Hawker Kid In Singapore

Real Singaporeans Eat Hawker Food   Source   Eating at a hawker centre is one of every true blue Singaporean’s favourite past-times. Some of us lunch there daily, and some of us dabble on occasion. Whatever the case, if you’ve ever claimed to love a plate of Char Kway Teow...
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10 Singaporean Girl Stereotypes That Are Just. Dead. Wrong.

Singaporean Girl  Stereotypes   There are so many negative stereotypes surrounding Singaporean girls. I can't even count the number of times people have come to me complaining about my fellow country-women, demanding an explanation from me as to why they just can't seem to be satisfied. But is that really...
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10 Things Your Parents Used to Do That are Now Illegal

Looking back   Happy April Fools’ Day! Happy alcohol-rules-take-effect day! Here’s a friendly reminder that from today, you’re not allowed to drink in public places from 10.30pm to 7am.  Your parents had it better, didn’t they? They could drink whenever, wherever they wanted. To celebrate our new laws, here are...
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14 Singaporean Customs That Ang Mohs Will Never Understand

Things Only Singaporeans Understand   Source: parp-pa-yon Once, I overheard two aunties complaining about the snaking line to redeem a free goodie bag.  Initial surprise:  “ Wah, why the queue so long ah? ” Quickly gave way to frustration: “Eh, too long already lah!” After grousing for a good five...
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20 Brands You Never Knew Were From Singapore

Proud to be Singaporean   Phua Chu Kang is unashamedly Singaporean and we love him for that. He can bochup and  speak Singlish,  and he runs the best construction company in Singapore, JB, and some say Batam.  But besides Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, there are other Singaporean companies that...
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