5 Reasons To Catch SRT’s Hand To God - The Ultimate Mashup of Sesame Street and The Exorcist

SRT’s Hand To God - a satanic puppet and more   Imagine combining the sock puppets of “Sesame Street” with the spine-chilling demonic possession in “The Exorcist” - that’s Hand To God for you. The play revolves around a teenager and his satanic puppet, with loss, man’s inner desires, and...
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4 Reasons To Catch SRT’s Constellations Instead Of Yet Another Movie This Month

SRT's New Play - Constellations   Source: Singapore Repertory Theatre Let’s face it - it’s 2017 and we’re running out of ideas on where to bring our date. Going to the movies, Netflix and chill; we’ve exhausted almost everything and they’ve all become far too cliche. If you’re looking for...
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Geylang by young & W!LD Review - More Than Just Sex

About Geylang   Photographs courtesy of W!LD RICE In a spicy blend of six original stories of love and loss, Geylang presents insights to the inner workings of one of Singapore's most colourful streets. From the days of parangs and daughters sold into marriages to modern days' constant change and...
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Find Out What Your Teachers Never Taught You with The Dim Sum Dollies - The History Of Singapore Part 1

About The Dim Sum Dollies - The History Of Singapore Part 1   The Dim Sum Dollies are back! The hilarious and boisterous comedy group are back for another installment of hard hitting antics and enchanting musical theatrics. This time, the gang is back in an epic retelling of the...
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Pangdemonium's Tribes Gives A Voice to The Voiceless - An Interview With Thomas Pang and Ethel Yap

About Tribes   Any student of literature would immediately be tuned in to the themes of family and/or society upon hearing the title "Tribes". It's so freaky how instinctive that has become. But what's more glaringly obvious from the poster is, obviously, the sign language. Billy, played by Thomas Pang...
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Young & W!LD Presents Geylang - A Glimpse of Life in Singapore's Infamous Red-light District

About Geylang   Source: young & W!LD Created and performed by young & W!LD, W!LD RICE’s youth development division, Geylang gives audiences a peek into the lives of those who have lived, loved and lost in Singapore’s infamous red-light district. When we think of Geylang, the first thoughts that pop...
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The Arts House - Immerse Yourself In 50 Years Worth Of Singapore Theatre History

Theatre Memories: 50 Years of Singapore Theatre   Source People often ask me about theatre scene here in Singapore when I tell them about my training in Theatre Studies. And when I tell them about the rich history of Singapore Theatre, there will be exclamations like, " Wah! Really ah?...
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