7 Retail/F&B Jobs To Get At Malls Near You In The Comfort Of Air-Con

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Shopping centre jobs   For many Singaporeans, getting a job is an initiation into adulthood - it signals that we’re somewhat responsible for our financial security. And while getting a job is both exhilarating and a learning experience, finding one that lets you get away from Singapore’s heat can be...
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7 Part-Time/Full Time Jobs For Girls Who Love Make-Up, Beauty, Or Fashion

beauty fashion jobs
Fashion/Beauty- Related Jobs   Scrolling through Zalora or watching makeup tutorials on YouTube during work hours is something we fashion/makeup addicts are all guilty of. Sitting in front of a screen from 9 to 5 within the confines of a cubicle is obviously a nightmare to anyone who cannot just...
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GrabJobs Is The New Job App Dedicated To The Retail and Service Industry

Get employed in minutes   They say to choose a job you love so you’ll never have to work a day of your life, but it sure took me a really long time to find my dream job. That said, the excitement and satisfaction I felt at my first day...
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10 Jobs You Will Proudly Declare On Social Media

Jobs that are actually fun   For most Singaporean students, the idea of a holiday conjures images of adventuring in a foreign land - at the sad expense of one’s own finances *tears up*. Students systematically block out term breaks by taking up jobs to save up, only to realise...
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10 Reasons Going Back to School as a Working Adult is the Best Thing You Can Do

Keep Upgrading Yourself   Many working adults lament their student days as the best days of their life. It’s understandable why - working adults feel the pressure of putting food on the table, and a shelter over their family’s heads.  And while it’s easy to stay the course, being happy...
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10 Ways To Land A Job In The Booming Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Hospitality & Tourism - A Dynamic Industry   Source In 2008, I found myself at my first crossroad in life – picking a course of study in Poly. Then, Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa were just blueprints, but to an energetic and somewhat clueless teenager at 16, a...
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Singapore Internship Jobs at Full-Time Jobs   We are looking to fill these full-time positions urgently. Account Servicing Executive Content Strategist Business Development All these positions require at least 2 years of experience in the media industry. You can find more about these positions and the other full-time positions we offer  here . For...
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