7 New Cargo Container Bistros Have Sprung Up At Punggol-Serangoon Reservoir

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New Container Eateries In Punggol   Many see Punggol as a place only for prawning or cycling. But with the inception of its new cluster of “cargo container bistros” - which mirror Bangkok’s famous Artbox concept - there’s now a fresh place for your gatherings with friends or date with...
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14 Ancient Hawker Food Stalls From Another Era With One Existing As Early As 1908

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A Tale of Two Singaporean Food Heritages   Adapted from source: @faridabrazfa My parents have many-a-times pointed at old hawker stores and kopitiams , reminiscing the food that fueled their younger days. Many have relocated or been demolished for redevelopment, others have retired with no-one to carry on their legacy....
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10 Restaurants With Beautiful Ambience That You'll Never Find In Shopping Malls

Restaurants with ambience   Sometimes we dine to get our tummies filled, sometimes we crave a complete dining experience. Though shopping malls are convenient, accessible and filled with restaurants, they may not be ideal if you’re looking to spend a quiet afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the...
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20 NEW Restaurants And Cafes To Try In April 2016

April feastings abound   Source We’re finally a quarter of the way through 2016! If you’ve managed to stick to your dietary resolutions for the year, congratulations. But if you’re like me and have resolved to seek out the glorious establishments which provide us the ambrosia we’re desperately hunting for,...
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Swensen's Unveils New 2016 Concept: One Exclusive Dish Available Per Month

Eat like a traveller   Everyone has been to Swensen’s at least once in their lives. Birthday parties, anniversaries or dessert buffets, Swensen’s has been the go-to place for their cakes and ice cream. However, their main courses were never memorable enough to gain a spot on my “must try...
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Wah Lok CNY Menu Review: The Reinvention Of Yu Sheng

Cantonese generosity at its best   There’s always something special about Chinese New Year which I enjoy, however most of all I appreciate the traditions passed down from our forefathers. From placing ang baos under our pillows the night before New Year’s or the yelling of blessings when we toss...
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