6 Hari Raya Visiting Tips To Make Yourself Worthy Of The Incoming Green Packets

Hari Raya Tips and Customs
Hari Raya Etiquette   Hari Raya is just around the corner, and some of us might have been invited over to our friends' homes to join in the festivities. But for those of us who aren’t too familiar with the customs behind this joyous occasion might be feeling rather clueless...
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11 Unspoken Rules Of Living In Singapore That Only Make Sense To Locals

city hall mrt
Singapore's unspoken rules     What do you know about the rules of visiting Singapore that you didn’t learn from the mouldy pages of an outdated travel guidebook? Let this article be your new-age manual to navigating the intricacies of Singapore living. As I chew on some good ol’ gum...
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This TV Series Challenges Foreigners To Do Singaporeans' Jobs For A Day

Steady Lah
Steady Lah, Singaporean already!   Putting oneself in a completely new environment is daunting to say the least, and to adopt a Singaporean’s way of life as a foreigner can be pretty confusing with all our jumble of cultures and languages. What’s the diff between “lah” and “leh”, what’s taboo...
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4 Things You Should Know Before Watching PRISM - The Play That’ll Reconnect You to Singapore

Prism Cast Toy Factory
PRISM will make you remember Singapore’s past   Source Singapore is a country that is constantly seeking for advancement and change, and in many ways this is a great thing! Tourists are always spell-bound by Singapore’s ‘newness’ and cleanliness, as it looks like something out of a storybook. However, I...
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11 Rumours About Singapore That Foreigners Still Misunderstand - As Written By A Foreigner

Legal Chewing Gum, Singapore
Small Singapore has pretty big rumours   Adapted from Source While Singapore’s land area takes up just 719.1 square kilometers, the gossip and rumours about this country have spread far and wide. From illegal chewing gum, to people getting their limbs chopped off for the smallest of crimes, there have...
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14 Ancient Hawker Food Stalls From Another Era With One Existing As Early As 1908

OG hawker COVER
A Tale of Two Singaporean Food Heritages   Adapted from source: @faridabrazfa My parents have many-a-times pointed at old hawker stores and kopitiams , reminiscing the food that fueled their younger days. Many have relocated or been demolished for redevelopment, others have retired with no-one to carry on their legacy....
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10 Real Singaporean Horror Stories To Keep You Up At Night

Summon aunty Singapore, parking
Horror stories that only Singaporeans understand   Singaporeans love horror stories. Whether it’s cursed chalets, ghostly children who play with marbles in the middle of the night, or the good old nenek keropok - we have a ghost story for everything. With the wild success of horror movies and events...
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10 Singapore Laws And Secrets Even Singaporeans Don't Know About

national secrets COVER
Think You Know All About Singapore?   What if I say majority of us, even those who are born and bred here, have much more to discover about our little country? There are many things that we do on a regular basis, places where we go frequently, as well as...
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Singapore's First Unmanned Self-Service Provision Shop Exists In Hougang

self-service provision shop
No one’s looking at this self-service provision shop   Besides the sight of cows and horses roaming free by the roads, one thing I’ve always been fascinated by during road trips in Australia is the honesty policy of roadside kiosks. These unmanned stalls display flowers, fruits and vegetables from the...
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10 Beautiful Religious Buildings That Highlight Singapore's Incredible Multiracial Society

religious buildings Singapore
Religious buildings completely free to visit     Source: @melaniehermanus Ask any tourist, and you’ll find that one of Singapore’s most noticeable attribute is our diversity. With such a varied and multicultural society, Singapore provides both residents and tourists the opportunity to indulge in a myriad of cuisines, cultures, languages...
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