SAM's Signature Art Prize 2018 - Photography Workshops, FREE Talks And Happy Hour

SAM signature art prize 2018 free exhibition
Signature Art Prize 2018      Image adapted from: @stanley_chee We’re all familiar with the everyday millennial’s SOP when visiting a museum: see nice artworks, take nice photos and up on Instagram it goes. But when was the last time we truly understood the meaning behind these curated pieces?  Well,...
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SAM’s Imaginarium 2018 Is A Free Exhibition With Neon Grasslands, Magic Jars And Film Screenings

SAM Imaginarium 2018
Imaginarium 2018 at Singapore Art Museum   Not all of us are born artists - my talent extends about as far as a crudely drawn stickman. But you don’t have to be a hardcore art buff to enjoy Singapore Art Museum ’s latest exhibition, Imaginarium: Into The Space Of Time. ...
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SAM's Free Art Exhibition Has 10 Bite-Sized Films That Beat Paying Weekend Prices At The Movies

Cinerama at Singapore Art Museum   Watching movies is the perfect way to unwind with your friends - it takes practically no effort to head to a cinema or load up Netflix and sit down to your favourite movies while scarfing down chips. But while watching The Avengers destroy New...
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6 Whimsical And Interactive Exhibits To Experience At SAM's Imaginarium 2017

singapore art museum imaginarium 2017
Journey to the ends of the earth at Imaginarium 2017   After the wrap-up of the Singapore Biennale back in February, Singapore Art Museum (SAM) ’s latest contemporary art exhibition is Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth - and it’s everything that your usual stuffy museum exhibition isn’t. There...
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