9 Fun Facts About The Singapore Dollar That Will Make You Feel Like A Noob

singapore money facts
Singapore dollar secrets   Image adapted from: Picclick  It’s no secret that we Singaporeans are cheapo   financially-savvy folk . But while we handle money almost on a daily basis, there are still a ton of things we haven’t noticed about our own cash.  Whether it’s paper or polymer, coins...
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10 Latest Happy Hour Promotions In Singapore That Reward OT Warriors For Staying Late

Michael's bar and grill
Late night Happy Hour promotions    Late-night drinks are proven to bond people together - but having this much fun just cannot happen if you’ve to OT last minute, especially when most of the best Happy Hour deals happen earlier in the night.  But not to worry workaholics, there’s hope...
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10 Lesser-Known Facts About The History Of MRTs In Singapore

singapore mrt history nets flashpay
Unknown Facts About Singapore MRT's History   We spend an incredible amount of time on the MRT every day but it’s surprising how many little details we tend to miss - like the hidden toilet within the fare area at Bugis MRT station. But beyond modern-day mysteries, digging into history...
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Tatsu At Asia Square Is A Japanese Restaurant With Flambé And Blowtorch Performances

Tatsu 1
Tatsu @ Asia Square's sushi and teppanyaki   It’s safe to say that Singaporeans love Japanese food, so much so that chirash i dons , ramens , and colourful maki rolls have even become a diet staple for some of us. But if you're looking to venture out of your...
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10 Ways Jurong Has Upped Its Game While The Rest Of Singapore Makes Passport Jokes

Jurong - “ulu” no more     Image adapted from: National Technological University Facebook As the neighbourhood situated on Singapore’s western end, Jurong’s been the butt of many ulu jokes. But as the area’s being developed into Singapore’s second CBD, called the Jurong Lake District (JLD) , all our jokes...
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This TV Series Challenges Foreigners To Do Singaporeans' Jobs For A Day

Steady Lah
Steady Lah, Singaporean already!   Putting oneself in a completely new environment is daunting to say the least, and to adopt a Singaporean’s way of life as a foreigner can be pretty confusing with all our jumble of cultures and languages. What’s the diff between “lah” and “leh”, what’s taboo...
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10 Times Faith In Singaporeans Was Restored Because Singapore Is Awesome

Mdm Zhang giving free haircuts to elderly residents
Singapore’s Unsung Heroes   Singaporeans have never been known for their graciousness, with claims of locals being bochup and self-centred. But how can these sweeping statements be true when our fellow citizens are saving lives across borders and going all out to rescue and protect innocent animals ? From community...
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8 Facts That'll Make Singaporeans Happier After Experiencing The Rest Of The World

traffic jams in Singapore
SG #winning     Cover photo adapted from source and source . Studying overseas since I was 15 has allowed me to encounter people of all nationalities and cultures. When I tell some of them that I live in Singapore, their eyes light up and they’ll gush about what a...
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10 Awesome Places to Fish Legally in Singapore and What You Can Catch There

punggol jetty, fishing
Fishing off the hook   Fishing for compliments may be a much easier thing to do than fishing for fishes. It takes a whole lot of patience, know-how, and a dash of luck to ensure that your catch is a satisfying and fruitful one. Well, fishing may not be at...
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10 Real Singaporean Horror Stories To Keep You Up At Night

Summon aunty Singapore, parking
Horror stories that only Singaporeans understand   Singaporeans love horror stories. Whether it’s cursed chalets, ghostly children who play with marbles in the middle of the night, or the good old nenek keropok - we have a ghost story for everything. With the wild success of horror movies and events...
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