SHINE Festival 2018 - Local Music Performances, FIFA Tournament & More To Spend The Weekend

Your Ultimate Guide to SHINE Festival 2018   Image credit: SHINE Festival If you're a fan of local music, chances are, you've probably heard of SHINE Festival . But for the uninitiated, SHINE Festival is a National Youth Council (NYC) initiative "by youths, for youths" that celebrates the best of...
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YOUTHx: 3 Festivals in 1 Weekend with League of Legend Tournaments, Nick Jonas Live & GoPro Discounts

soi55 milk tea discount july
A guide to YOUTHx      Image credit: @soififtyfive The Youth Day public holiday might’ve been short-lived, but the fun and festivities have only just begun. National Youth Council (NYC) is ramping up the fun this July and August with YOUTHx - an initiative that celebrates youths, their aspirations, and...
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9 Best Things About SHINE Festival 2017 - Jessica Jung, Food Trucks & 1-for-1 Cafe Deals

shine festival 2017
SHINE Festival: Time to #OwnYourDreams       As a kid, I wanted to be a singer. Sold-out concerts, back-up dancers, fame - I wanted it all. But my hopes were brutally crushed when everyone laughed at my lofty ambitions, and cited “no stability” and “low income” as to why...
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10 Reasons To Visit SHINE Festival 2016

SHINE Festival Brings On #YourNextStage   There’s nothing like being young - it’s the time of our lives when everything seems possible. Check out how talented these young Singaporean musicians  are, and you'll be tempted to catch a gig this weekend. Recognising this talented generation, SHINE Festival celebrates all things...
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10 Young Local Talents Every Singaporean Should Know

The Times They Are A-Changin'   Every day, a new talent is born. This year’s SHINE Festival 2015 at Orchard Road features multiple talents from around the world such as Ryan Higa, David Choi and Arden Cho - all established young talents in their own right.  For this article, however,...
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10 Reasons to Visit SHINE Festival This Year

SHINE Festival: Build Your World    Singapore’s biggest youth festival is back! Since its inception in 2005, the National Youth Council (NYC) has dedicated the month of July to the SHINE Festival. SHINE Festival showcases youths' talents, promotes talent development and highlights inspiring youth role-models.  This year, other than promoting...
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