17 Places In Korea To Visit When You Need Something Seoul Different

Seoul Different Korea
Views beyond Seoul’s concrete cityscape   South Korea’s on a lot of people’s travel bucket lists - but many usually only hit up Seoul, then take a train to Busan, and maybe a flight to Jeju Island. But this culturally rich country has so much more to offer than what’s...
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8 ALL-IN Travel Ideas From $174 Based On Ang Pow Money Collected

Put your CNY money to good use   Chinese New Year is a favourite holiday of many, not without reason. It’s a time of endless feasting, mahjong sessions all day err day , and of course, extra income in the form of ang pows. For once, extorting receiving money from...
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13 Fun And Free Things To Do In Seoul - Return Tickets Now At $298

Common Ground Seoul
Things to do in Seoul on a budget   Source: @lovefb731 It’s no secret that Singaporeans are obsessed with Korean culture. Ever since the K-wave hit our little red dot a few years back, everyone’s been going crazy going after the best of Korean pop culture, food, fashion, and more...
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19 Things to Do in Seoul That You Never Thought Were Possible

The Smart Local - Biking at Mugunghwa train tracks with friend
More than just ‘Gangnam Style’     Source Wherever our travels may take us, we’re all looking for something different. Foodies might spend every waking hour in pursuit of the best eats the city has to offer, whilst culture vultures might hole themselves up in museums of old and new...
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20 Famous Korean Food To Try When Visiting Seoul For The First Time

20 Korean Dishes That Truly Prove You’ve Been To Seoul    South Korea has nearly everything you want in a vacation - cultural landmarks with beautiful architecture, a countryside retreat at the beautiful Jeju in spring, shopping haven for skincare products and most importantly, an endless list of things to...
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First Look: The New Gigantic Lotte World Mall In Seoul

About Lotte World Mall    Even if you haven’t been to South Korea before, you would have seen “Lotte” stamped on boxes of chocolates and snacks sitting on supermarket shelves in Singapore. Confectionery isn’t the only thing this chaebol (business conglomerate) dabbles in - Lotte Co. Ltd is a behemoth...
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Exploring Seoul, Korea - Part One

My visit to Seoul   With the increasing popularity of K-dramas, the Korean culture has slowly but surely crept into our everyday lives. The Korean Wave, or Hallyu, as it is popularly known, is in full swing. With flight tickets to the land of K-Pop getting more economical by the...
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How-to Guide to Shopping In Seoul, Korea - 7 Must Visit Shopping Areas


Guide to Shopping in Seoul, Korea   Move over Tokyo, South Korea has now become the fashion capital of Asia. At least for Singaporeans. The clothing, design and cultural trends all start here before spreading across Asia through dramas and music videos. Be sure to head to Seoul with an...
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Guide to Seoul, Korea - Part 1: Must know Information

Why you need to visit Seoul, South Korea   Namdaemun - A historic market place since the 14th century, "Nam" sounds like "Nan" in Chinese and it means south. This shot of the beautiful South Gate entrance still stands across the market. It was part of the wall that used...
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