7 Outdoor Activities At Sentosa To Jio Your Sports Buddies Out During June Holidays

pool yoga bungee jumping
Outdoor sports at Sentosa this June   Hurray - the June holidays are finally here! While Netflix and Youtube may sound like a good way to spend your holidays, it can get quite sian to spend all your days cooped up at home. After all, there's only so many Youtube...
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SWEATOSA - Students Can Now Exchange Bottle Caps For Sentosa Activities Like AJ Hackett & MegaZip

Enjoy FREE Sentosa activities by exchanging bottle caps   Image adapted from: AJ Hackett Sentosa With Singapore’s heat, we’re bound to reach out for a cold drink many times a day. And you might have reached out for a bottle of POCARI SWEAT . Yes, the iconic Japanese drink which...
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Sentosa's Snoopy-Themed CNY Is Giving Away A 2D1N Luxury Superyacht Staycation

Sentosa - visit snoopy
Sentosa’s FUN-Tastic Fortune   The long weekend is coming up, so we'll be able to spend a whole day out with our fam and friends without having to worry about fatigue at work the next day. So if you’re looking for an event that’s fun, safe and festive, Sentosa’s Snoopy-themed...
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10 Free & Discounted Sentosa Activities To Have A Fun Time "Overseas" On A Budget

megaclimb cover
Fun things to do in June at Sentosa   The June holidays are here, and that means maximising what little time we have away from studying for the most fun. While the Internet has its perks, staring at adventure articles on a laptop isn’t going to satiate that thirst for...
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6 Places In Sentosa To Pamper Mom This Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day in Sentosa   Shying away from saying “I love you” is an unspoken rule in our conservative society. Even when faced with saying it to our parents, it's hard to be affectionate, giving an Asian twist to "you say it best when you say nothing at all"....
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Siloso GrillFest Is Sentosa's First-Ever Pop-Up BBQ Festival With 20 Mobile Booths

Sentosa Cover image Siloso grillfest food festival bbq kalua pork taco april
BBQ carnival by the beachfront   Forget all you know about BBQs - especially the ones at your friend’s condo, where everything tasted either chao ta or uncooked and you went home before the chicken wings were done. The beaches of Siloso may be better known for fabulous beach parties...
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11 Group Outings In Sentosa Made Cheaper For NTUC Cardholders

Take over Sentosa with your squad   Source  If you’re the designated planner of outings for your group gatherings - you’ll realize there's only so much KTV one can sing or BBQs one can have before boredom rears its ugly head. Your friends aren’t helping when they say “anything lah”,...
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9 Christmas Plans At Sentosa That Beat "Dinner Somewhere In Town"

The Sentosa Christmas Experience    The trickiest thing in this season of giving, is getting your finicky family and friends thoughtful and appropriate Christmas presents. You’re out of gift ideas and just the thought of having to outdo this year’s gift with a better one next Christmas, has got you...
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6 Fun Christmas Events Happening Only Around Sentosa This Year

Sentosa Christmas Merlion
Singapore’s South Pole gets festive    Source Braced with impressive plans to chase the Northern Lights or go skiing in Hokkaido, many Singaporeans are scrambling to get out of town this Christmas. But you’ll be glad you decided to stay, because spending the holidays at home - the sunny isles...
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Merry Fishmas At S.E.A. Aquarium: Relive Your Childhood With Marine Animals And Pokémon

S.E.A. Aquarium Brings You A Merry Fishmas   At some point in our lives, we have all wanted to transport back to our childhood’s innocence and joy - even if it was just for a day. Imagine experiencing this naivete again whilst watching the sea’s most magnificent and beautiful creatures...
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