8 Tips To Manage Your First Credit Card Well Even Experienced Cardholders Might Not Know

credit card tips
Credit card tips   Air miles, discounts, and priority ticket sales to events like music festivals and pop concerts are benefits a credit card holder may enjoy. However, as useful as credit cards may be, you may also inadvertently chalk up debt if you’re not careful with your spending. So...
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12 Things Every Cheapo Singaporean Does But Will Never Admit

Kope hotel toiletries when you're on a trip
Money-saving tricks that cheapo Singaporeans use   “Free then take lor, cheap then buy lor” is a common philosophy among Singaporeans. As much as we’d like to think that being cheapo is a trait exclusive to kiasu aunties, deep down, there’s a cheapo in all of us. Case in point:...
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Intro Friends To Pay ERP Fees Without Cash Cards And Get Up To $75

vcashcard nets
Permanent goodbye to CashCard woes   Source With the climbing COE and ERP prices, you can pretty much raise a child with the amount you’ve blown on your metallic baby - yes, your car. If there’s one thing we know about Singaporeans, it’s that they’ll do just about anything to...
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10 Ways You Could Have Saved Money But Chose Not To Due To LAZINESS

Save Money In Singapore - Unwanted Old Clothes H & M Voucher
Save Some Cash Today, Treat Yo Self Tomorrow   Sometimes we deny ourselves of life’s little indulgences which we *so clearly* deserve, all in the name of scrimping on a couple bucks. But what if we told you there were ways that could have allowed you to save money all...
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18 Kickass Money-Saving Hacks Every Singaporean Should Master

Save Money In Expensive Singapore!   Recently, a clip from a local drama series episode went viral on social media. In this video , Mediacorp Actor Xu Bin delivered a rant about the cost of living in Singapore. The scene spanned 90 seconds but was so intense it felt like...
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