10 Budget Date Ideas To Keep Your Wallet and Relationship Happy

Romance Isn't Expensive   It ain’t cheap living in Singapore, and getting hitched isn’t going to help your finances for the foreseeable future, unless you’re a woman seeking alimony. In which case, power to you, but please leave me alone. As for the rest of you, it doesn’t have to...
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Most Romantic Restaurant in Singapore Alkaff Mansion Launches New Sardinian Inspired Menu

About Alkaff Mansion   Alkaff Mansion Ristorante greets every visitor with a flight of stairs that leads you to the grandeur of a Tudor style mansion. Nestled atop a hill, it is surrounded by lush greeneries that will amplify your dining experience with tranquillity. It's so romantic that it made...
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The Cliff Brings Michelin - Starred Chef Alyn Williams To Singapore - Only For This Weekend!

About The Singapore Resort and Spa Sentosa   Neatly tucked away on Sentosa Island, The Singapore Resort and Spa offers a tranquil and quiet getaway amidst lush tropical greenery. This 5-star hotel is also set high atop a cliff, offering breathtaking views of the the South China Sea.   Chef...
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23 Most Romantic Restaurants in Singapore of all time

Most Romantic Restaurants in Singapore   "Romance is dead! So is chiva lry! So is my goldfish!" We claim that romance is dead and we are trapped in a city too soulless.  I don't think so. I think romance in Singapore is getting rife. And I thank the people who...
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Top 10 Places to lose your virginity at in Singapore

Last year, we were given a list of article inspirations to choose from.  On the very extensive list, one caught my eye and screamed “DO ME DO ME”. I tried to ignore it but I just  couldn't  pass it up. It looked like a great deal of fun to write. And...
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