5 Reasons To Visit Singapore Zoo Even After School Excursions

Singapore Zoo The Smart Local Cover Image
Get wild at Singapore Zoo   For most of us, the Singapore Zoo is truly a place of wonder. Watching movies like The Lion King might’ve transported us to a magical animal kingdom back when we were kids, but it was only at the zoo that these fantasies came to...
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Foreigner Visits Top Attractions In Singapore According To TripAdvisor And Reviews All Of Them

Be a proud foreigner   Strap on your socks and sandals, get your unnecessarily large backpack, and leave the airport tag on just to make sure everybody knows that you’re not local. You’re going to visit the top places in Singapore as recommended by TripAdvisor, and you’re going to have...
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River Safari Singapore Information

Here is a complete guide to the newly opened River Safari with directions, maps, feeding and show times and what you can expect to see at the soft opening. The River Safari is part of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) group who are behind some of Singapore's very best attractions...
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