NINETEEN80 Is A NEW Retro Arcade-Bar With Games Like Street Fighter, Pacman & Space Invaders

nineteen80 -  cover image
NINETEEN80 - Retro arcade-pub   If you know your Dhalsim from Chun Li, or actually remember switching cassette tape sides, you’re probably an 80s/90s kid.  And good news if you’re looking to indulge in a wee bit of nostalgia - NINETEEN80 , an arcade-bar at Tanjong Pagar, is bringing back...
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5 Retro Backdrops In Singapore That Will Transport You Back In Time

Old school #ootds in Singapore   It’s no secret that being “retro” is essentially an express lane to hipster royalty. With pastel palettes, rusted gates and paraphernalia of yesteryear, having a retro backdrop to your ootd is an instant sure-win for your Insta self. But good things don’t come easy...
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10 Stores In Singapore For 80s Collectibles Minus The Hipster Mark-Ups

5. The Children Little Museum
Old school treasures from the source We’re all too familiar with walking into those local pop-ups at a nondescript hipster hangout and leaving with either an empty wallet or indignant roll-of-the-eyes. After all, it seems that retro items such as iced gem biscuit pillows and Good Morning towels are now...
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