New Cafes and Restaurants In Jan 2017 - DOTS Cafe, Japan Rail Cafe & Yellow Cab Pizza

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New Year, New Food   2017 is fast approaching, and it’s that time again to make resolutions we know we’re not gonna keep. Let’s leave lying to ourselves about diet plans and non-committal relationships with the gym in the past. Start the year right with the one thing that’ll never...
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10 Vegan-Friendly Eateries In Singapore That Confirm Vegan Food =/= Rabbit Food

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A Guide to Singapore's Best Vegan Eateries   Adapted from source:  @svphiagoh When Lady Gaga donned the meat dress, the world kicked up a fuss. And we don’t blame them. After all, using meat as clothes is a gross waste of our planet’s resources, and a downright insult to the...
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Kai Garden's New Menu: A Fresh Spin On Classic Cantonese Dishes In 2016

Cantonese delights   What do Chow Yun-Fat, Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yim, Jay Chou and I have in common? We have all been the lucky recipients of the cooking of award-winning Hong Kong born chef Fung Chi Keung. One of Singapore’s most inventive chefs, Chef Fung introduced the innovative colourful xiao...
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Savour 50 New Uniquely Singapore Dishes at Restaurant Month

Restaurant Month: Celebrating #SG50 with Food   Our food nation Singapore turns 50 this year, and guess how we food-obsessed Singaporeans are celebrating it? With food! As part of the SG50 celebrations, Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) has launched Restaurant Month, teaming up with 50 restaurants brands to create 50...
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First Look: The Prawn Star - New Melbournian Seafood Restaurant at Duxton Hill

About The Prawn Star   The Prawn Star is a new restaurant at Duxton Hill, opened on 21st November 2014. It sits among the other trendy eateries, watering holes, and concept stores that populate Duxton Hill. Setting foot in the store, your first thought would be that Prawn Star has...
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Jiang Nan Chun Presents The Four Great Beauties of China Festive Menu

About Jiang Nan Chun's Food in Literature Series   Jiang Nan Chun Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel has a Food in Literature series where Chinese classic tales are reinterpreted as different dishes, with servers regaling you with tales as the food is served. This December, the theme for the Food...
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Chotto Matte - New Japanese Restaurant Opens in Outram Park

About Chotto Matte   Opened in October 2014, the restaurant’s name means “wait a moment” in Japanese, and was so named because its owners feel good food is worth waiting for. The restaurant’s specialties are yakitori, sushi and sashimi, but they also offer selected pastas and other dishes. Located 2...
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Takumi Kacyo - Premium A5 Wagyu At The Super Chill Keppel Bay

About Takumi Kacyo   We are spoilt for choice when it comes to Japanese restaurants. In fact, you could probably find at least one Japanese restaurant in every shopping mall. Takumi Kacyo isn't in a shopping mall though - it's situated in Keppel Bay Vista, an area known for its...
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Ricciotti's 10 Year Anniversary Menu - Affordable Italian Goodness

About Ricciotti   Ricciotti Pizza Pasta Grill is an Italian restaurant that serves authentic and affordable Italian cuisine. They opened their first outlet at The Riverwalk way back in 2004. They pride themselves on serving food that reflects the warmth of an Italian dining experience in a metropolitan setting.  To...
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15 Extraordinary Restaurants You Won't Believe Exist in Singapore

1942 alfresco changi
Exciting restaurants that are more than food   Singapore is a foodie's heaven but sometimes it takes a little more than good food to make a great dining experience. There are far too many options when it comes to dining out these days, with the number of carbon-copy indie cafes...
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