9 Secret Interview Questions Singaporean Employers Ask And How To Ace Them

Weird job interview questions   “ Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? ” isn’t just the first line of Katy Perry’s hit song “Firework”. It’s also a legit interview question asked at Canada’s Wonderland theme park.  But it’s not just managers in ang moh countries who ask such...
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Office Renovation: TSL Turned This Rabak Industrial Unit Into A Mini-Google HQ

The Smart Local new office 2016
Office Renovation Inspiration     I met up with some old friends recently, and they said, “Your new office is super nice!” It then hit me that many of my friends have been following TSL on social media, even as they were busy mugging for their exams. TSL moved into...
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12 Homes Around the World That Will Make Your HDB Flat Look Like A Mansion


Smallest Homes In The World   It's not the size of the house - it's the way you live in it.  The smallest 3-room HDB flat has a floor area of 60 square meters, or approximately 645 square feet. Our Social Studies classes have taught us how land-scarce Singapore is,...
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16 HDB Toilets That Will Make You Feel Like You're Lost In Paradise

Beautiful HDB Toilets   An average person spends one and a half years of thier life in the loo. If that’s not incentive enough to make it as comfortable and gorgeous as you can, I don’t know what is. Most people believe that staying in HDB flats means you wouldn’t...
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10 Stunning HDBs Transformations Under $25,000

Your HDB Can Look Like This   It is something we all do - flipping through pages of Home Decor magazines and Ikea catalogues, thinking to ourselves “Wow, I want a house like that,”. Then you probably sighed and told yourself you’d never be able to afford it. It became...
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15 Singapore Homes so beautiful you won't believe they’re HDB flats

 Who says your HDB flat can't be beautiful?   On our sunny little island, we have a joke that says the worth of our homes is measured by the distance of the gate from our house. The longer the distance, the higher it's value. This means that HDBs flats are...
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21 Most Crazy Beautiful Houses In The World

The most beautiful houses around the world   We all dream of having a cool crib we can call home. If you're looking for creative, edgy or avant garde ideas for your future homes, look no further. Be it a humble abode or a luxurious mansion you have in mind,...
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17 Space-Saving Ideas for your HDB flat that will blow your mind

17 Cool Interior Design Ideas for Greater Storage   " Don't throw away my A Level notes ah! Must keep in case of emergency..."  "Eh why you keep buying new things! This house no space liao, no space!" You know you hate that feeling when you're forced to throw away...
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IR Design Review - Our New Home & Renovation!

In this blog I will share my HDB search and renovation process which was quite a tiring one but I felt we ended up making really good decisions that may be useful to some of you out there! Our search for our HDB was a relatively quick one, we saw...
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