7 New Cargo Container Bistros Have Sprung Up At Punggol-Serangoon Reservoir

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New Container Eateries In Punggol   Many see Punggol as a place only for prawning or cycling. But with the inception of its new cluster of “cargo container bistros” - which mirror Bangkok’s famous Artbox concept - there’s now a fresh place for your gatherings with friends or date with...
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10 Feeling Feeling Drive-In Spots In Singapore For HTHTs With A View

marina at keppel bay, htht place
The night is still young   I cannot imagine how much you are missing out if you have to deal with strict curfews because I never had one to begin with. Getting outside of the house when the moonlight is shining does not always mean it is party time at...
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SAFRA Punggol Turns Into A Haunted Courtyard Maze This Halloween

SAFRA Punggol The Haunted Courtyard: Chronicle of the Unsolved Murder
SAFRA Punggol: Enter at your own risk   Brutally decapitated bodies and creeping bloodstains. Those were the only clues found shedding light on the puzzling case of three missing boys. What happened remained a mystery, but one thing is sure: their vengeful spirits wander in the dead of night, their...
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Punggol #InstaWalk Recap - 12 Sights That Make This Eco-Friendly Town Worth Exploring

Venture forth to this evolving town   Mention Punggol to someone and they’re likely to say that it’s ulu . While it was once true - it was a sleepy fishing village in the past - the Punggol of today is a modern town with plenty of places for Singaporeans...
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10 Sights In Punggol That Make It Singapore's Most Instaworthy Neighbourhood

More than just a HDB estate     Punggol today is one of the most lustrous neighbourhoods in Singapore. With avant-garde flats, picturesque landscapes and a newly opened mall, it is a far cry from its rural past where plantations and rustic farmhouses dotted the area.   Of course, the...
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Coney Island Guide - 21 Things You Need To See, Do And Know

Guide To Coney Island   Coney Island is located on an actual island off Punggol, in the most North Eastern part of Singapore. So unless LRT stations like "Samudera" and "Nibong" sound familiar to you, it's going to take some time to get here. That's why if you're coming all...
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20 Reasons To Visit Punggol For The First Time In Your Life

About Punggol   People may laugh at Punggol residents for living in ulu land, but here’s what they’re actually missing out on - waterfront housing. Imagine coming home after a long day, taking a walk downstairs, and basking in the sunset by the waters… It may sound like a scene...
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Photography Tips at Punggol Point Park

The Punggol Point Jetty. Pic info - Canon 650D, 1/3s, F22, ISO100. EV+0.3. Lens - Canon EFS 18-135mm STM. HDR processed. Photography Tip No.1 - Timing Back in the 1980s-90s, this place was famous as a seafood avenue. But today much of that charm have been replaced by more modern...
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