8 Alternative Jobs In Singapore Only Science, Tech, Engineering & Math Grads Get To Experience

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Alternative STEM Jobs   Getting a job is the first step towards ascension to adulthood, but it’s easier said than done. You’re browsing the job market, and none of the career options out there looks interesting enough to ritually sacrifice the next few decades of your life. Well, if you’ve...
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10 High Paying Science Degree Jobs Other Than Being A Doctor

Science Degree jobs that pay well   Source If you were to ask me if you should chase your passion or find a job that you'd enjoy, my answer would always be the same. Be greedy. Find something that gives you the best of both worlds. This is your career...
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10 Jobs That Will Let You Travel the World While Getting Paid Well

Get paid to travel!   Source We’ve all had dreams of visiting far flung locations around the globe - exotic beaches, ancient architecture, spectacular views and meeting new people. Sadly you can’t just hop on the plane on a whim, it’s going to cost you. Oh yeah, and don’t forget...
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10 Types Of Students Who Choose To Major in Business

I didn’t choose the business life, the business life chose me    It’s not always an easy decision to make when we’re talking about our future. We always imagine it to be warm and bright, but sometimes it can be scary but it’s always full of possibility. Some of us...
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10 Reasons Going Back to School as a Working Adult is the Best Thing You Can Do

Keep Upgrading Yourself   Many working adults lament their student days as the best days of their life. It’s understandable why - working adults feel the pressure of putting food on the table, and a shelter over their family’s heads.  And while it’s easy to stay the course, being happy...
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10 Ways To Land A Job In The Booming Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Hospitality & Tourism - A Dynamic Industry   Source In 2008, I found myself at my first crossroad in life – picking a course of study in Poly. Then, Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa were just blueprints, but to an energetic and somewhat clueless teenager at 16, a...
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