8 Alternative Jobs In Singapore Only Science, Tech, Engineering & Math Grads Get To Experience

special jobs singapore
Alternative STEM Jobs   Getting a job is the first step towards ascension to adulthood, but it’s easier said than done. You’re browsing the job market, and none of the career options out there looks interesting enough to ritually sacrifice the next few decades of your life. Well, if you’ve...
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Great Giveaways and Degree Choices Await You This Saturday At The Kaplan Open House

Kaplan Open House - Cover Image
Kaplan Open House 2018   Whether you’re a fresh Diploma holder with no clue where to start or a working adult looking to further your career prospects, it’s worth your time to pop by Kaplan’s Open House on 24th March 2018 where you’ll get to choose from over 300 Degree...
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Murdoch University Now Has 32 New Double Majors Working Adults Can Complete In 16 Months

Murdoch - Cyber Forensics
Murdoch University - Over 180 Double Majors programmes   With flexible study schedules and a wide range of programmes, sometimes choosing a private uni is the more sensible option. After all, you can choose the best matchup of 2 majors, thereby increasing your specialisation which will improve your job opportunities...
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