7 Things That Happen In Pre-Schools That Parents Need To Know About

My First Skool 13
Things you never knew about preschools   While some admire school teachers for their intelligence and immeasurable patience, I envy them most for how seemingly good their job looked. What can possible beat the fun of playing with kids and pasting “well done!” stickers on their worksheets?  Well, that was...
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Preschoolers Now Have Excursions To Banks To Prep For Pocket Money In P1 Because 2017

my first skool singapore excursion
A 2017 pre-school excursion   Image adapted from source I remember my kindergarten days fairly well when it was play all day, every day. Even when we had the occasional excursion out of the stuffy classrooms, it was always to someplace fun like the zoo. While I loved every bit...
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