7 Things That Happen In Pre-Schools That Parents Need To Know About

My First Skool 13
Things you never knew about preschools   While some admire school teachers for their intelligence and immeasurable patience, I envy them most for how seemingly good their job looked. What can possible beat the fun of playing with kids and pasting “well done!” stickers on their worksheets?  Well, that was...
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7 Tips From Ex-MOE Teachers For Kiasu Parents To Prep Their Kids For The New Academic Year

Preparing your kid for primary school   If your kid’s entering primary school, chances are you’re feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness - almost as if you’re the one attending school! It’s expected, since it’s a whole new world for you both that includes early morning wake up calls...
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Things Preschoolers Are Too Shy To Tell Their Teachers When They're Around

Preschoolers Reveal What They Love About Their Teachers   Many of us still hold fond memories of our school days close to our hearts. We affectionately recall memories of our favourite teachers during class gatherings, and laugh about how we used to get reprimanded by the notoriously fierce teachers in...
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10 Preschool Attributes Parents Must Look Out For Before Enrolling Their Child In Schools

Preschool education in Singapore   A quality early childhood education programme is important - it gives children a running start to their primary school education while their peers are starting to walk. Because of this, parents are increasingly spending more time doing research into the best options! With some preschools...
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