5 Reasons To Visit Singapore Zoo Even After School Excursions

Singapore Zoo The Smart Local Cover Image
Get wild at Singapore Zoo   For most of us, the Singapore Zoo is truly a place of wonder. Watching movies like The Lion King might’ve transported us to a magical animal kingdom back when we were kids, but it was only at the zoo that these fantasies came to...
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12 Quirkiest Bridges In Singapore That Have Lived In The Helix Bridge's Shadow

quirky bridge COVER
Not your basic bridges   Adapted from   Source We’re no stranger to Singapore’s famous bridges - from futuristic Helix, to kitschy Alkaff, and rainbow-bathed Elgin, you’ve probably had at least one of the bridges in town appear on your Instagram feed. But apart from those tourist magnets, our sunny...
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9 Most Beautiful Public Toilets You Can Find In Singapore

beautiful public toilet mt faber
Singapore's classiest toilets   "Why do you never hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom? Because the P is silent!" There are times in life when one needs to spend an eternity in the toilet. These are times when the thought of taking that #2 in a public toilet makes...
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10 OUTDOOR Places To Spend A Weekend Gathering At With No Crowds

Singapore has too many people   Forget Batman vs Superman. The biggest struggle in my opinion is an intense aversion to crowds  versus the burning desire to spend time with loved ones. Every time I head out of my house on a weekend, I feel like heading back in. Because...
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