8 #Reflectiongram Spots In Singapore For Next Level Mirror Shots

Leaf-shaped reflection shot achieved at the Future Of Us ExhibitionSay hello to the new mirror selfie   Do away with the archaic and stock mirror OOTDs, and ring in the modern era of #reflectiongrams. This revolutionary way of taking mirror shots will seem like you’ve found a time machine to transport you a millennium into the future when in fact...
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10 Hypebeast Backdrops In Central Singapore's Less Accessible Corners

Hypebeast shots for Instagram in the +65   So you think you’re hype enough to join the collective, having transformed your wardrobe from Bugis Street wares to HBX-approved gear. For the ‘gram, it is not so much of the clothes you wear but where the shot is made. A picture of...
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11 Fitspo Photographs To Bluff Everyone You're An Olympic Athlete

fitspo olympic athlete#Fitspo Photography Without The Commitment   There are two kinds of people in this world. People who keep fit, and people who feel tired just thinking about keeping fit. Working out? Eating healthy? Err, the only 6 pack I'm getting is a 6-pack chicken nuggets from McDonalds, thanks. Now if you...
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9 Beautiful Places On The Edge Of Singapore So Ulu, You Might Receive Malaysia's Welcome SMSes.

Living life on the edge   If the safe city life is starting to bore you, listen up - we’ll show you how to literally live life on the edge. From lighthouses to beaches, we bring you a list of the best corners of Singapore for you to lepak on the...
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10 #OOTD Tips To Be The Perfect Instagram Boyfriend

Grooming the finest of Instagram Boyfriends   Have you ever stared in a mixture of awe and jealousy at another female’s beautifully curated Instagram feed thinking “who took this beautiful shot?!” - you’ve just chanced upon a lucky girl with a very talented Instagram Boyfriend. All the girls in the TSL...
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10 Simple Tips for Amazing Food Photos That Will Up Your Instagram Game

Do you even Instagram?   Everyone can take a selfie. The only thing that has changed is that it’s become serious business. Yes friends, professional Instagramming has become a thing. With Instagrammers quitting their day jobs to propel themselves into the world of lights, camera and action, we find ourselves caught...
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