Gong Cha's New Outlet At Takashimaya Sells Only Their Most Popular Drinks With Promos On 7-12 December

Gong Cha has opened at Takashimaya   Update: For 7 Dec only, students can flash their student pass between 3pm-6pm at Gong Cha Takashimaya's counter to get a $1 Taro drink (M Size)! The promotion is limited to one cup per person. Bubble tea and I go way back. Before...
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9 Best Things About SHINE Festival 2017 - Jessica Jung, Food Trucks & 1-for-1 Cafe Deals

shine festival 2017
SHINE Festival: Time to #OwnYourDreams       As a kid, I wanted to be a singer. Sold-out concerts, back-up dancers, fame - I wanted it all. But my hopes were brutally crushed when everyone laughed at my lofty ambitions, and cited “no stability” and “low income” as to why...
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8 Lesser-Known Spots In Town To Discover With Your Weekend Squad

Unique spots at Orchard   Source Just look at the people mountain people sea in town every weekend - it’s proof enough that we never seem to tire of hitting up the place. Orchard may be one of Singaporeans’ fave haunts in this little red dot, but heading to the...
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9 Healthy Eats In Town Under $10 That Show Clean Eating Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

orchard clean eat
Clean eating in Orchard for less   Adapted from  Source Eating clean is a tall order for cash-strapped Singaporeans, especially when we're stuck in town. With similar prices, fast food can often seem miles more attractive when compared to measly portions of the ‘healthier option’ - making the food dilemma...
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Foreigner Visits Top Attractions In Singapore According To TripAdvisor And Reviews All Of Them

Be a proud foreigner   Strap on your socks and sandals, get your unnecessarily large backpack, and leave the airport tag on just to make sure everybody knows that you’re not local. You’re going to visit the top places in Singapore as recommended by TripAdvisor, and you’re going to have...
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10 Real Singaporean Horror Stories To Keep You Up At Night

Summon aunty Singapore, parking
Horror stories that only Singaporeans understand   Singaporeans love horror stories. Whether it’s cursed chalets, ghostly children who play with marbles in the middle of the night, or the good old nenek keropok - we have a ghost story for everything. With the wild success of horror movies and events...
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10 Reasons Claymore Connect Is the Mall That Will Make Orchard Road Great Again

Claymore Connect Orchard Road
Claymore Connect opens on Orchard Road   Singaporeans are very acquainted with Orchard Road. And as walking directories, we’re able to instinctively navigate the crowds to the street corner where the ice cream uncle peddles his creamy desserts. But even those who know Orchard inside out wouldn’t have heard of...
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10 Socially Responsible Brands In Singapore That Completely Justify Your Retail Therapy

Socially Responsible Brands
Ease that shopping guilt   Here’s the thing - we always feel kind of guilty after a massive shopping spree, because we’ve spent so much money on things we don’t really need. Plus, some brands are super wasteful, using plastic shopping bags, bulky packaging or one-time-use bottles that inevitably end...
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Opus Bar And Grill Review - A New Menu Specially For Meat Lovers

A haven for grill lovers      Many make a beeline for Hilton Hotel for its renowned American cheesecake - I'm guilty of that myself. But I now know better. Opus Bar and Grill, also located within the premises of Hilton Hotel, is another reason to grace this swanky hotel. ...
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Marriott Hotel Pool Grill Review: A Spanish Fiesta By The Pool In The Middle Of Orchard

Indulge in the Flavours of Spain.   Level 5 of the grand Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel holds a spectacular secret: a restaurant by the name of Pool Grill, which serves amazing food alongside a stunning view. Stepping out of the lift, one will be greeted by a pool tiled blue,...
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