10 Chio-est Staircases In Singapore Worth The Climb For The Gram

Chio Staircase - Cover Image
Insta-worthy Staircases For Your Next #OOTD     Rather than scale endless flights of stairs to get to our destination, it’s safe to say that us Singaporeans would rather take the escalator - which is no surprise since we are notorious for our obsession with efficiency and whizzing through this...
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10 Prettiest MRT Stations In Singapore When Photographed Without Crowds

Gorgeous MRT stations you’ve never noticed   A lot of us take our daily commutes without really noticing what’s around - and who can blame us? Between getting squished like sardines and trying not to fall while scrolling through FB, it’s hard to focus on anything else during MRT rides....
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10 #OOTD Tips To Be The Perfect Instagram Boyfriend

Grooming the finest of Instagram Boyfriends   Have you ever stared in a mixture of awe and jealousy at another female’s beautifully curated Instagram feed thinking “who took this beautiful shot?!” - you’ve just chanced upon a lucky girl with a very talented Instagram Boyfriend. All the girls in the...
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11 Gorgeous Wall Murals In Singapore To Take Your Next #OOTD At

Searching for the best #OOTD wall   When it comes to beautiful wall murals in Singapore, most know about Haji Lane or Joo Chiat, but did you know that all around Singapore - even among HDB flats - there are more beautiful wall murals waiting to be discovered? Read on...
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15 Ridiculously Photogenic Rooftops In Singapore For the Perfect #OOTD

Taking OOTDs To The Highest Level   Instagram has become our outlet to share carefully put-together #OOTDs. And nothing compliments an outfit better than a beautiful background. It’s a challenge to find photogenic spots in Singapore, it seems all you friends are already in on the best locations. So here’s...
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