NTUC FairPrice Is Giving $5 Return Vouchers To Shoppers From 28th April to 1st May

NTUC - collage
NTUC FairPrice Vouchers   Getting paid to shop is a real thing , but that’s just for other people’s groceries. What if you could make some extra cash doing your own shopping?  That’s right: this Labour Day weekend, FairPrice is rewarding all shoppers by giving us $5 back in vouchers*...
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Todo Todo - A New Career Resource App For Millennials With Courses + Articles + Opportunities

TodoTodo provides career advice for young Singaporeans
Snagging the perfect job     Growing up, a question I always dreaded hearing from nosey relatives was none other than “What are your plans for the future?”. But fret not fellow confused millennials - not knowing what to do is a problem that can be solved. Through Todo Todo...
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10 Courses Millennials Should Go For During Work Hours To Increase Their Skills

Time to upgrade your skills   In Mandarin, there’s a saying which translates to “ study for as long as you live ”. Learning is an ongoing process - you’re never really done even after graduating and entering the workforce. Be it going for courses to upgrade your skills or...
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5 Ways NTUC Foodfare Is More Than Just A Food Court

Food courts for every walk of life   Source Food courts are no stranger to us. They are the place where we've spent many a lunch and dinner break fuelling our empty bellies with homely local food, and where our packets of tissue, aren't just packets of tissue anymore -...
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4 Things An NTUC Membership Can Give You Besides Supermarket Perks

Benefits of an NTUC membership   While checking out after grocery shopping at NTUC FairPrice, the auntie will surely ask, “Member?” I’ve shaken my head about 958 times and have never given the question a second thought. We all assume memberships are scams and that we won’t spend enough to...
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13 Confirm-Plus-Chop Ways To Snag A Pay Raise AND Year-End Bonus

The game plan to your well-deserved pay raise   Chances are, you’re a 20-something-year-old who’s just managed to get your career on track - not as green as a fresh grad, but not in the industry long enough to be completely jaded. You’ve been in the position for a substantial...
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11 Group Outings In Sentosa Made Cheaper For NTUC Cardholders

Take over Sentosa with your squad   Source  If you’re the designated planner of outings for your group gatherings - you’ll realize there's only so much KTV one can sing or BBQs one can have before boredom rears its ugly head. Your friends aren’t helping when they say “anything lah”,...
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18 Startups In Singapore That Have Gotten Multi-Million Dollar Funding

Startups Singapore Honestbee
Singapore Startup Success    You’re familiar with Uber, AirBnB and Spotify. These magnificent billion-dollar companies were once but small humble startups. And look, they’ve now gone on to what seems like total world domination! You can imagine why we entrepreneurial Singaporeans can’t wait to leap onto the startup bandwagon.  Heck, even...
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11 Ways To Make Freelancing A Full-Time Thing In Singapore

Freelancers Singapore
Go from surviving to thriving as a freelancer   Source The trendy F-words rolling off the tongues of millennials today are Flexibility, Freedom and Freelancing. We toy with the idea of being our own bosses, earning our own keep and enjoying simple privileges in life such as having nobody to...
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11 Black And White Rules That Save Singaporean First-Jobbers From Getting "Bullied"

first job rights thesmartlocal
Employee rights every fresh graduate should know   It's time to celebrate! After more than a decade spent in classrooms and lecture theatres, being gainfully employed for the first time is a dream come true. You've secured a job and the world seems your oyster - all that's left to...
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