8 Extinct Sights That Will Only Make Sense To Singaporeans In Their 20s And 30s Now

bus fare singapore
Singapore then and now    At 53 years, Singapore’s just a young hatchling in the grand scheme of things. But since our grandparents’ time, there have been plenty of changes in how we live our day-to-day lives. From public transport to movie tickets, here are 8 pictures that show how...
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10 Pictures That'll Make A 1970s Time Traveller To Singapore Question Reality

singapore 1970s_singtel wifi mesh
Time-travelling in Singapore   Adapted from Source Open up any of your social media feeds and you’ll be flooded by your friends sharing posts of 90s routines , rustic restaurants , or even toys from your childhood . There’s always something about the past that people find themselves attracted to....
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10 Facts About 1950s Singapore That Only Your Ah Ma Will Remember

1950s singapore
Singapore In The 50s   Articles about ‘ 90s kids ’ are far too many online. Today, we’re going to throw all the way back to a time when our grandparents were young -- the 50s. Shirtless children running around kampungs defined the spirit of the 50s. It was a...
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10 Stores In Singapore For 80s Collectibles Minus The Hipster Mark-Ups

5. The Children Little Museum
Old school treasures from the source We’re all too familiar with walking into those local pop-ups at a nondescript hipster hangout and leaving with either an empty wallet or indignant roll-of-the-eyes. After all, it seems that retro items such as iced gem biscuit pillows and Good Morning towels are now...
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10 Ex-Routines Of Singaporeans In The 90s With No Relevance Now

Habits Only Older Singaporeans Remember   Source Millennials are the weird in-between kids - the ones who played with skipping ropes and Nintendo 3Ds’; who started with a Nokia 3310 and now have an iPhone 6S. We’re the folks who saw the world change rapidly, and who got caught up...
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12 Timeless Singaporean Things That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Singapore Culture - Converse White Sneaker
Eternally Trendy   Trends come and go, but certain ones are here to stay. In this social media era when one thing can go from practically unknown to the latest thing to have - kendama, anyone? - within 24 hours because of retweets and Facebook shares, it’s too easy for...
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14 Old-School Treasures From Your Childhood You Can Still Buy In Singapore

You Are Never Too Cool For Old-School    Every generation has a unique set of heirlooms that they hold close to their heart. While our parents and grandparents will leave us with antiques like ornamental wooden cabinets and intricate jade pieces, our generation found meaning in quirkier, more amusing items. ...
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10 Kids Central Shows We Want Back On Our Screens Now

Oldies but goldies   Recently, I saw some kids watching cartoons on an iPad on the MRT, and was hit with a wave of nostalgia about the time I - and other 90s kids - spent transfixed to a screen as a kid. After school, I would park myself in my...
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11 Signs That Show You've Been Taking Singapore Transport For Too Long

Blast From The Past   Everybody loves a good #throwback, especially if it’s something uniquely Singaporean and close to our hearts. As something that all of us are exposed to in varying degrees, the public transport system is a key part of our daily lives and we’re oh-so-familiar with everything...
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10 Forgotten Theme Parks of Singapore's Past You Won't Believe Existed

Thrills & Spills of Singapore’s Past   Contrary to what most of us believe, Singapore’s entertainment scene pre-USS may have been even bigger than it is today. It was a time of vintage ferris wheels, travelling circuses, rickety rides, bustling food stalls, cabaret performances, and flashy night clubs where entertainment-seekers...
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