New Cafes And Restaurants In May 2018 - XL Unagi Don, Korean Pretzels, & $6.90 Japanese Set Meals

Unagi don at Unagiya Ichinoji
New eateries in Singapore to try in May 2018   Image adapted from:  @mitsueki Plenty of new food joints have opened recently this May so there’s no doubt that you’ll be happily chowing down everything from affordable Taiwanese dishes to unique brunch fare. If you’re up for trying an XL...
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8 NEW F&B Treats At Jem - XXL Chicken Cutlets And 2-in-1 Japanese Grill/Hotpot

New restaurants at Jem     Unless your usual train ride home takes you past Buona Vista, when it comes to satisfying your rumbling belly, a trip to the West isn't even an option. Jurong has been so shrouded in the shadows of its stereotype, that many of us are...
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7 NEW Eateries In Serangoon Gardens That Are The North-East's #Represents

Shaking Up The Heartland Haven    Serangoon Gardens is known as one of the oldest and most beloved estates in Singapore. Ask anyone who lives there, and they’ll exclaim that they never want to move! Yet, while humans root themselves to the ground, new restaurants are popping up in the...
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20 NEW Cafes and Restaurants To Try In July 2016

Treat Yo Self This July     Source: @qiwenmabel July signals the end of the June “holidays”, but back to work season doesn’t apply if you’ve never had a break to begin with. While everyone’s lugging their bums and backpacks back to school, whip out your wallet and hit the...
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21 NEW Restaurants and Cafes to Try in May 2016

Makan Madness in May     4 months down, 8 to go! We’re rapidly approaching the middle of the year, and we all know what that means, SUMMER! Frankly, April seemed to last so long I’ll take any excuse to go out and eat to my heart's desire whilst instagramming...
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20 NEW Restaurants And Cafes To Try In April 2016

April feastings abound   Source We’re finally a quarter of the way through 2016! If you’ve managed to stick to your dietary resolutions for the year, congratulations. But if you’re like me and have resolved to seek out the glorious establishments which provide us the ambrosia we’re desperately hunting for,...
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20 NEW Restaurants and Cafes To Try In March 2016

March-ing into foodie heaven   Source Congratulations, we're nearing the quarter mark of 2016. Yes, you are now closer to being one year older! I’m not sure about you, but that is simultaneously horrific and exciting for me. Hopefully the year has been good so far, but sometimes life graces...
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20 NEW Restaurants and Cafes to Try in December With BEAUTIFUL FOOD

Let the festive feasting begin!      Oh December, the time of the year when bright lights and festive decorations are strewn across every building in sight. Of course, festivities aren’t complete without the glorious spread of food to stuff ourselves silly. With the smell of roasted turkey and gingerbread...
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20 NEW Restaurants and Cafes to Try in November 2015

New Places To Try Out This Om-Nom-November   Source  What? October’s gone already? If you missed last month’s guide, check it out here and add on to your makan list. As we inch towards the end of another year and start going into reflection-mode, you may have noticed that you...
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20 NEW Restaurants and Cafés To Try In August 2015

New Food Places To Explore In August   It really has been a hot July, hasn’t it? If you’re longing to beat the heat and get indoors, we’ve got just the places for you to wipe your foreheads and fill your tummies. This month’s compilation of all the newest cafes...
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