New Cafes And Restaurants In July 2018 - Hokkaido Soup Curry, L'occitane Cafe, & Michelin Ramen

New restaurants and cafes - July 2018
New restaurants to try in Singapore in July 2018   Image credit: @lefuse_cafe We’re officially halfway through the year and before the mid-year blues hit hard, head down to a few of these new food joints for some added excitement. There’s no need to rely on your regular Sunday cafe,...
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20 NEW Restaurants and Cafes To Try In March 2016

March-ing into foodie heaven   Source Congratulations, we're nearing the quarter mark of 2016. Yes, you are now closer to being one year older! I’m not sure about you, but that is simultaneously horrific and exciting for me. Hopefully the year has been good so far, but sometimes life graces...
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20 NEW Restaurants and Cafés To Try In August 2015

New Food Places To Explore In August   It really has been a hot July, hasn’t it? If you’re longing to beat the heat and get indoors, we’ve got just the places for you to wipe your foreheads and fill your tummies. This month’s compilation of all the newest cafes...
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Savour 50 New Uniquely Singapore Dishes at Restaurant Month

Restaurant Month: Celebrating #SG50 with Food   Our food nation Singapore turns 50 this year, and guess how we food-obsessed Singaporeans are celebrating it? With food! As part of the SG50 celebrations, Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) has launched Restaurant Month, teaming up with 50 restaurants brands to create 50...
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20 NEW Restaurants and Cafes to Try in July 2015

I Know You're Hungry...   What’s the first thing we Singaporeans do when planning for a holiday vacation? Suss out all the good food in the area. With many famous cafes and restaurants from overseas opening outlets in Singapore this month, even if you didn’t travel in June, you'll be...
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21 NEW Cafés & Restaurants To Try In April 2015

New Cafés and Restaurants In April 2015   March saw our first instalment of a curated list of new restaurants and cafés, replete with Insta-perfect food pictures. If that left you salivating for more, you’re in luck. This month is also a bountiful one, with April's edition giving you the inside...
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20 NEW Restaurants & Cafes To Eat At In March, 2015

New Restaurants & Cafes In March 2015   Some people may change partners as often as they change clothes, but for the die-hard foodies that we Singaporeans are, the only things we change with that fevered a frequency are our favourite foods and eating places. For instance, just when I...
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