New Cafes And Restaurants In May 2018 - XL Unagi Don, Korean Pretzels, & $6.90 Japanese Set Meals

Unagi don at Unagiya Ichinoji
New eateries in Singapore to try in May 2018   Image adapted from:  @mitsueki Plenty of new food joints have opened recently this May so there’s no doubt that you’ll be happily chowing down everything from affordable Taiwanese dishes to unique brunch fare. If you’re up for trying an XL...
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New Cafes And Restaurants In April 2018 - Black Tap, Tokidoki Cafe, & Keisuke Duck Ramen

bara chirashi don $10 umi nami singapore
New food finds in Singapore in April 2018   Image adapted from: Eatbook Nope, we’re not pulling an April Fools’ prank on you. No matter how March has treated you, it’s never a crime to treat yourself. After all, there’s no better way to unwind than with a satisfying meal...
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New Cafes and Restaurants in Mar 2017 - FatPapas, Fruce & Revolution Coffee

March New Cafes and Restaurants, Mellower Coffee
March your way to a happy tummy   Adapted from source:  @marcuzzzy  We’re well on our way into the new year, and for some of us, that means putting aside our resolutions of eating clean and working out. Sure, my 6-pack dreams have only resulted in a food baby -...
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