10 Unusual Places To Catch The NDP Fireworks For Free Out Of The CBD

Enjoy the NDP2017 fireworks sans the crowds   The highlight of every National Day Parade will always be its fireworks, but for those of us not lucky enough to score those coveted preview and actual day tickets, being able to catch the view from around the venue or watching it...
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7 Things To Expect At NDP 2017 - Including Giveaway Of 3 Pairs Of Preview Tickets

NDP 2017 Features
National Day Parade 2017 - #OneNationTogether   We've all gleefully plastered 'I Love Singapore' tattoos on our faces at least once in our lives, and for some, the exhilaration of watching the nation unite in song and dance, and the fireworks glamorously close the parade, are what keeps them coming...
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