5 Feel Good Daily Life Upgrades To Low-Key Pamper Yourself

Simple Ways To Treat Yourself   Adapted from Source PSA for all my fellow penny pinchers out there - it’s time to loosen up on our cheapo ways and start treating ourselves to life’s many guilty pleasures. “Why?” you ask? As the ever-enduring L’Oreal catchphrase goes - because you’re worth...
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10 Reasons To Visit SHINE Festival 2016

SHINE Festival Brings On #YourNextStage   There’s nothing like being young - it’s the time of our lives when everything seems possible. Check out how talented these young Singaporean musicians  are, and you'll be tempted to catch a gig this weekend. Recognising this talented generation, SHINE Festival celebrates all things...
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The LARGEST Beer Fest In Asia Has Arrived And Here's Why The Fear-Of-Missing-Out Is Real If You Skip It

Beerfest Asia 2016
Beerfest Asia 2016   What’s better than beer? Nothing. Period. Since the dawn of mankind, beer has helped us forget all of our problems and made us happier than our sober selves could ever hope to be. In short, beer is the BEST thing that has ever happened to us....
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10 Ways Singaporean Kids Will Learn Differently in 2020

Same same, but different   Since our parents’ time, schools have evolved to become more holistic. It’s now no longer surprising for students to take part in a variety of extracurricular activities to learn more than just math and science. Thinking back to my school days, I remember several field...
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Singapore Music's Rising Star Charlie Lim Gives You A New Reason to Be Excited About Local Music - TSL Acoustic Sessions Episode 6

Charlie Lim: A New Reason to Love Local Music   If you didn't know who  Charlie Lim  was, you could have been fooled by his unassuming demeanor, thinking he's just a quiet boy-next-door. But oh how wrong you'd be. Charlie is one of local music's fastest rising stars, with a...
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Listen to Benjamin Kheng's New Solo "In Time" - TSL Acoustic Sessions Episode 5

He's Also Insanely Good-Looking...   As part of local band The Sam Willows, Benjamin Kheng shot to superstardom for his smooth vocals and his boyish good looks. Today, this multi-talented individual has branched out into acting as well, starring as Romeo in Toy Factory's Romeo & Juliet in 2014, as...
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10 Reasons to Visit SHINE Festival This Year

SHINE Festival: Build Your World    Singapore’s biggest youth festival is back! Since its inception in 2005, the National Youth Council (NYC) has dedicated the month of July to the SHINE Festival. SHINE Festival showcases youths' talents, promotes talent development and highlights inspiring youth role-models.  This year, other than promoting...
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Joie Tan's Latest Original Makes Its YouTube Debut! - TSL Acoustic Sessions Episode 3

TSL acoustic sessions with Joie Tan   Here at TSL, live music at the office is one of the many common perks of the job. Last week, we invited the charming singer-songwriter Joie Tan to our headquarters and were absolutely blown away by her talent. We’re honoured to have Joie’s...
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iNCH, The Great Spy Experiment and Charlie Lim in Concert - Our Review

House of Riot's Triple Bill: iNCH, The Great Spy Experiment and Charlie Lim   Photo courtesy of Aloysius Lim For the first time ever, three Singaporean artistes took the stage at the Esplanade Concert Hall, showing us just how brilliant Singapore music is. These three musicians were featured in our...
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50 Best Local Singapore Songs Over 50 Years Of Singapore Music History


Singapore Local Music   Source Ask anyone on the street about the “Singapore sound” - and some will be able to name much more than the patriotic lines to Home, Where I Belong, and other NDP songs and the list of Stefanie Sun ballads we’ve all turned into ritualistic screech-fests...
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