10 Lesser-Known Facts About The History Of MRTs In Singapore

singapore mrt history nets flashpay
Unknown Facts About Singapore MRT's History   We spend an incredible amount of time on the MRT every day but it’s surprising how many little details we tend to miss - like the hidden toilet within the fare area at Bugis MRT station. But beyond modern-day mysteries, digging into history...
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EZ-Link Has A Sure-Win Contest & Anyone Has A Shot At Scoring A Card With $100 Credits

EZ-Link Spin the Wheel Contest OH SO CUTE!
OH SO CUTE! - EZ-Link’s Sure-Win Contest   Image credit: EZ-Link We can all agree that free public transport is a dream come true for most Singaporeans, especially if you live an entire MRT line away from work, or often find yourself hopping on the MRT more than two times...
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Foreigner Visits Top Attractions In Singapore According To TripAdvisor And Reviews All Of Them

Be a proud foreigner   Strap on your socks and sandals, get your unnecessarily large backpack, and leave the airport tag on just to make sure everybody knows that you’re not local. You’re going to visit the top places in Singapore as recommended by TripAdvisor, and you’re going to have...
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10 Real Singaporean Horror Stories To Keep You Up At Night

Summon aunty Singapore, parking
Horror stories that only Singaporeans understand   Singaporeans love horror stories. Whether it’s cursed chalets, ghostly children who play with marbles in the middle of the night, or the good old nenek keropok - we have a ghost story for everything. With the wild success of horror movies and events...
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10 Prettiest MRT Stations In Singapore When Photographed Without Crowds

Gorgeous MRT stations you’ve never noticed   A lot of us take our daily commutes without really noticing what’s around - and who can blame us? Between getting squished like sardines and trying not to fall while scrolling through FB, it’s hard to focus on anything else during MRT rides....
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14 MRT Hacks Every Kiasu Commuter Must Know

For an easier ride      Ah, the MRT. We complain about it all the time. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s too crowded, it keeps breaking down. Our daily commute often involves being packed into train carriages like our favourite Ayam Brand sardines. It’s a necessary part of...
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10 Reasons Why Singapore's Public Transport #GameStrong

Our nations pride and joy    Considering how vast the network of our public transport is today, it’s hard to imagine that just 25 years ago, the MRT only operated a single line throughout the entire island. Whether we’re on the bus rushing to get to work on time or...
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Awkward Moments On The MRT - TSL Comedy Episode 7

Awkward Moments You Experience On The MRT   Daily commutes can be a drag but they can also be a cesspool for awkward moments. And that's precisely why the TSLTV Team decided to feature these moments in our latest episode of TSL Comedy! I can definitely relate to these situations...
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12 Types of Singaporeans You'll Find On The MRT

12 Types of Singaporeans You'll Find In The MRT   We've all taken the MRT at some point in our life. Some of us take the MRT every day as it's our only way to commute. Some of us take it once a year when our car's at the mechanics...
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