12 Most Unique Mooncake Flavours Of 2017 - Tom Yum, Root Beer, And Kopi With Salted Hokkaido Milk

unique mooncake flavours
Most interesting mooncake flavours this Mid-Autumn Festival   Image adapted from: Sheraton Singapore We know the Mid-Autumn Festival’s ‘round the corner when mooncake booths begin sprouting up at every shopping mall atrium, and the never-ending debate between #TeamTraditional and #TeamSnowskin heats up yet again. But with the many newfangled mooncake...
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Carlton Hotel's Mao Shan Wang Mooncakes Are Handmade And There's Even Pulp In Them

Carlton Hotel Mooncake
Carlton Hotel’s Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival 2017   Durian lovers, it’s been a tough time. Due to rising prices and a recent shortage *sob* , we’ve been deprived from our fave spiky fruit for much of durian season. But as we gear up for mooncake season - that time of...
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Carlton's "Mao Shan Wang" Durian Snowskin Mooncakes Taste Like The Actual Fruit

carlton mooncake COVER
 Carlton Hotel's 2016 mooncakes   “When is durian season going to come?!” We hear you. In case you missed it, a dry spell in Johor is why you’re not getting your durian fix yet. And if you’re like us, we know you need something to fill that durian-less pit in...
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Fairmont Singapore's Mid Autumn Festival 2016 Mooncakes Are Going From $8/piece!

Mooncakes that’ll take you to the moon   It’s that time of the year when everyone heads down to Takashimaya to get the best mooncake deals - and get free samples of course. I’m pretty sure the saying “you are what you eat” was birthed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. If...
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Carlton’s Mooncake Collection Makes The Perfect Gift This Mid-Autumn

Brace yourselves, Mid-Autumn is Coming   Time for the brash durians to move over and pass the limelight to the elegant mooncakes. Mid-autumn is coming, and even if you aren’t Chinese, you can celebrate it with a light meal of mooncakes with friends and family. Carlton Hotel recently released their...
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11 Stunning Mooncakes in 2014 worth every calorie

Mooncakes available this Mid Autumn Festival   The Mid Autumn Festival is just around the corner and that means marvelling at the bright full moon, colourful paper lanterns and feasting on lots of mooncakes! Traditionally, mooncakes have always been filled with lotus seed paste and a salted egg yolk. But...
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