DBS Multi-Currency Account Lets Travelers Buy Foreign Currencies at Lower Rates for Upcoming Trips

DBS Multi-Currency Account
Change money 24/7 without going to the money changer   Image adapted from: @expertvagabond If you’ve kicked yourself for forgetting to change money until the night before a vacation - cue: Christina Perri’s “ I’m only humaaan… ” - or found yourself lugging around an impressive collection of random foreign...
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10 Money-Saving Hacks For Singaporeans Who Travel Frequently

The new-age traveller’s guide to saving money   Image adapted from: Source Packing your bags for multiple quests to conquer the world and its beauties can more often than not leave you in a financial tangle, especially when you run into unforeseen obstacles that dig deep into the folds of...
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20 London Hacks To Make Your Trip 50% Cheaper - After Spending 3 Years There

London Hacks, Cover Image
Budget guide to exploring London    Adapted from  Source Despite growing up in Durham, I was truly captivated by London’s quintessential streets and the gloomy clouds that mask them. Sometime in the three years that I lived there, the city quietly stole my heart and hid it. You’ll probably find...
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5 Ways NTUC Foodfare Is More Than Just A Food Court

Food courts for every walk of life   Source Food courts are no stranger to us. They are the place where we've spent many a lunch and dinner break fuelling our empty bellies with homely local food, and where our packets of tissue, aren't just packets of tissue anymore -...
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There's A Food Festival Now At GainCity's Giant 11-Storey Electric Mall

Feasting and Shopping Galore     When you hear the name ‘Gain City ’, what comes to mind? Chances are, you’ll probably think of air-conditioning and other household appliances. It’s a familiar name in Singapore, but we don’t give it much thought. Well, here comes a revolution. From now till...
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5 Spoil-Market Eyewear Deals You Can Only Score At Spectacle Hut

Branded Eye Candy at low prices you won’t find anywhere else   So you’ve come to the conclusion that your blurred vision and squinting tendencies mean that you probably have myopia. Unless corrective vision surgery is on the table, you’re hereon stuck with glasses and contact lenses for the rest...
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7 FREE Cashbacks That Singaporeans Are Forgetting To Claim On A Daily Basis

Getting yo cashback game on   It’s no secret that as Singaporeans, we love anything and everything free. Free sample? Take. Complimentary goodie bag? Let’s have 2 of those. So prepare yourself for the ultimate kicker: free cash . Yes, you read that correctly.  It comes as a surprise that...
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9 Instant Noodle Creations For When You're Broke But Still Want To Be Fancy

instant noodles omelette
Instant Noodles: UPGRADED    Source A guilty pleasure so fuss-free and undeniably tasty, nobody can ever truly hate instant noodles. After all, there’s bound to be a few packets of the ubiquitous Maggi stowed in your kitchen cupboard, ready to be transformed into a satisfying treat in a matter of...
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10 Unknown Lobangs In Singapore You Wish You Knew About Earlier

Shop to save   Signing up for a credit or debit card is a significant milestone that marks every young Singaporeans’ journey into adulthood. With great power, comes great responsibility. We want the best that life has to offer, and we want it on the cheap. That means placing your...
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10 Ways You Could Have Saved Money But Chose Not To Due To LAZINESS

Save Money In Singapore - Unwanted Old Clothes H & M Voucher
Save Some Cash Today, Treat Yo Self Tomorrow   Sometimes we deny ourselves of life’s little indulgences which we *so clearly* deserve, all in the name of scrimping on a couple bucks. But what if we told you there were ways that could have allowed you to save money all...
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