8 Extinct Sights That Will Only Make Sense To Singaporeans In Their 20s And 30s Now

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Singapore then and now    At 53 years, Singapore’s just a young hatchling in the grand scheme of things. But since our grandparents’ time, there have been plenty of changes in how we live our day-to-day lives. From public transport to movie tickets, here are 8 pictures that show how...
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7 Types Of Grief Graduates In 2017 Are Feeling Right Now

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Graduation grief is real   You’ve done the necessary time and soon, you’ll be released from the “prescribed prison” that is formal education. The only motivation getting you through to the finals is your grad trip - backpacking through Europe to sipping cocktails on the beaches of Bali . The...
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18 Startups In Singapore That Have Gotten Multi-Million Dollar Funding

Startups Singapore Honestbee
Singapore Startup Success    You’re familiar with Uber, AirBnB and Spotify. These magnificent billion-dollar companies were once but small humble startups. And look, they’ve now gone on to what seems like total world domination! You can imagine why we entrepreneurial Singaporeans can’t wait to leap onto the startup bandwagon.  Heck, even...
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10 Ex-Routines Of Singaporeans In The 90s With No Relevance Now

Habits Only Older Singaporeans Remember   Source Millennials are the weird in-between kids - the ones who played with skipping ropes and Nintendo 3Ds’; who started with a Nokia 3310 and now have an iPhone 6S. We’re the folks who saw the world change rapidly, and who got caught up...
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10 Ways Preschools Have Evolved Since Our Days Of Black & White Pokemon

My First Skool
The Preschool Mega-Evolution   If you were a 90s kid who played the first generation of Pokemon - Blue, Red, and Yellow - you’ve possibly gone on to have children of your own and your current focus is on training them to be the very best that ever was. But...
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10 Job Interview Tips Revealed By Startup Employers That Hire Mostly Millennials

Millennials that startups want   Source Most millennials dream of being the next Steve Jobs or the next Elon Musk, and the fastest way to get there is through a startup. Startups offer jobs that allow flexibility and no red tape, allowing us to rise faster to the top.  As...
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