Singapore’s Art District Will Be Hosting Live Performances & Free Exhibitions Every Last Week Of The Month

Singapore Art District
Arts Weekend @ Civic District   Images adapted from: @9oh9x @gabeygoh   @sh3ngy @vincelowsg As we near the end of the first quarter of 2018(!), most of us are again looking for new and interesting things to do. The burst of renewed energy from the start of the year's starting...
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i Light Marina Bay 2018 Has Neon Facades And 22 Light Installations

i light marina bay 2018
i Light Marina Bay 2018   Surely you’ve seen last year’s light installations from i Light Marina Bay - if not, you’ve either been living under a rock or your IG account was long deactivated. From 9 March to 1 April , gear up for this year’s i Light Marina...
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6 Scenic Cycling Trails Around Singapore For People Who Hate Jogging

picturesque views at bishan amk park
Cycling in Singapore   Learning to cycle at the age of 20 was a very latent decision on my part but I’m still glad I did it because now I have the get-out-of-jogging-free card. I no longer need to put on my most comfy pair of running shoes just to...
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i Light Marina Bay Has Loads Of IG-Worthy Backdrops And Opens On 3 March 2017

i Light Marina Bay is open   With the close of Singapore Biennale 2016 , hipsters photography enthusiasts everywhere in Singapore have been looking for the next great IG hotspot to open up. Come 3 March, their wishes will be answered. If i Light Marina Bay rings a bell, you...
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This Pop-Up Beach Is Happening at Marina Bay With A 5-Storey Tall Water Slide

The biggest summer party of the year   With the constant heat and humidity in Singapore, it’s summer all year round; but that doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. This May, DBS Marina Regatta is taking things to a whole new level - get ready for the return...
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10 Inexpensive Things to Do at Marina Bay That Will Surprise You

Forget about the price tag   With MBS, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, and not to mention the incredibly atas looking LV store; the Marina Bay district feels like THE pinnacle of luxury and affluence in Singapore. However, under all the glitz and glamour, there are so many things...
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10 Most Romantic Places to Countdown with Bae This New Year's Eve

Honour the last day of the year with a bang     New Year’s Eve without a spectacular display of fireworks, just seems strangely incomplete. Considering this only happens twice a year, the opportunity to see fireworks in all of its magnificent glory is a special treat. There’s just something...
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Dine In The Skies Like A VIP With Singapore Flyer's Festive Menu Till 31 December

Dining on board one of Singapore’s finest attractions   Despite strolling along the Singapore River and taking in the scenic view countless times, I’ve never been on one of the most iconic attractions that define our city’s skyline - the Singapore Flyer.  So when given the chance to visit the...
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Akari Japanese Dining Bar - Indulge In Beautiful Kaiseki Made Affordable

About Akari Japanese Dining Bar   Mention the term Kaiseki and many Singaporeans will often shun away in fear of ending up with an empty wallet. It is, after all, extremely atas and expensive! Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. It also refers to the collection of skills and...
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5 Gardens By The Bay Secrets And Stories You Never Knew

My Trip At Gardens by the Bay   My first visit to Gardens by the Bay was a rather weak attempt to show off Singapore to a friend who was visiting from New Zealand. Let’s just say I wasn’t the best person for the job. But my second visit to...
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