Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park: 3-In-1 Themepark In JB With Giant Slides, Obstacles, & Drift Karting

Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park Johor Bahru
Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park   The next time you find yourself planning a trip to JB, make time for something other than the good food the Malaysian city has to offer. A 25-minute drive from City Square mall, Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park is a 3-in-1 park...
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Escape Theme Park Penang: 2-In-1 Waterpark & Adventure Course For Thrillseekers

interesting rides at escape theme park penang
Rides to try at Escape Theme Park in Penang, Malaysia   No, Escape Theme Park Penang is nothing like now-defunct one at Downtown East from our childhoods. In fact, it’s quite the opposite - there are no roller coasters, no bumper cars, and no carousels. What you’ll find here instead...
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8 Countries Singaporeans Talk About Migrating To All The Time - Ranked By Costs Of Moving There

best countries to migrate to
Migrating to your dream city   As much as we love Singapore, most of us have, at some point, dreamt of just packing up and moving to somewhere new and exciting. Unfortunately, getting a grasp of just how much it costs to buy a house overseas and getting an idea...
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10 Rental Cars In Singapore From $52/Day For Special Occasions, JB Road Trips & Spoil Market Tinder Dates

Toyota Vios
Affordable rental cars for every occasion   With Singapore’s extensive public transport network, saving for a car is something that we’ve all thrown to the back of our minds - after all, we’ve our HDBs to scrimp for. But there are occasions like Raya visiting or taking a road trip...
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10 Themed Cafes In Kuala Lumpur To Take Your M'sia Foodventures Up A Notch

kuala lumpur themed cafes
Insta-worthy cafes in KL     Source “What to eat?” is a question that plagues most of us 24/7. Singapore has no shortage of cafes, but there are only so many weekends you can cafe-hop in a row before you find yourself in a “been there, done that” situation. Tired...
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9 Highest Paying Jobs In Malaysia

best paying jobs msia COVER
Best paid jobs in Malaysia   Adapted from Source The best paid jobs often require a few years of educational commitment before its actual practice. It’s a long way to go before the moolah comes streaming into your bank account! Stay on course, though. There’s always light at the end...
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7 Old-School Malaysian Hotels That Are The Grand Budapest Hotel In Disguise

hotels in Malaysia that look like The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Grand Budapest Hotel In Disguise   Source In case you haven’t already known, locating the town of Nebelsbad in the Republic of Zubrowka is impossible in any universe besides the fantasy world of Wes Anderson. Never mind the fact that the Grand Budapest Hotel (GBH) doesn't exist – you...
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9 Places in Malaysia To Bluff Your Friends Thinking You're On A Europe Holiday

Malaysia destinations that look like Europe
Revel in European Allure Without The Long Haul   It’s no secret Singaporeans love Malaysia. If not for the seafood and all-you-can-chew gum, the it’s for the cheap gas thanks to the favourable exchange rates. For a weekender to unwind, a quick ride over the Causeway is the salve needed...
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10 Kelong Stays Near Singapore To Detach From Civilisation And 3G Connection

Reminiscing the Kampung spirit Source:  @hellodapperdan Back in the 70s, girls weren’t allowed to visit kelongs . It brought bad luck. But #thisis2016. Now we can, it’s a shame most of us haven’t. Kelongs make up a big part of our history as a nation; that’s how Singapore started out...
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12 Fresh Things To Do In Malacca For A Budget Road Trip With Friends

The definitive list of Malacca must-dos    As well-travelled Singaporeans, Malaysia is no secret to us. We’ve eaten our way through the streets of JB, shopped our way through KL, and can navigate Penang’s Love Lane like the back of our hands.  Now when it comes to Malacca, we’ve seen...
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