10 Strategic Life Hacks That Could Only Have Been Thought Of By Singaporeans

Mcdonalds hack
Kiasu life hacks invented by Singaporeans   Growing up in Singapore, we’ve all been trained since young to be as resourceful as possible. With only human capital in this land, we can never understand the pain of making the most out of lumbering and gathering sawdust to make money. The...
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12 Kitchen Gadgets For Annoying Cooking Steps & Where To Find Them In SG

Egg Mcmuffin maker
Kitchen tools that do everything for you   Adapted from Source Singaporeans love food - we’re prepared to queue for hours just to try the newest gastronomical creations, and it’s no surprise that a lot of us bring this passion with us into our own kitchens. To save yourself the...
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14 Laojiao Hacks For New Singaporean Drivers Who Just Passed Their TP

singapore driving tips
Hacks for the Singaporean driver   You’ve looked over your shoulders a billion times to check your blindspots, played the balancing game on a slope, turned full-lock left and right an umpteen times - congratulations, you’ve finally done it. You’ve scored enough points to be deemed a safe driver on...
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7 Japanese Life Hacks That You Can Also Use In Singapore

Japanese Life Hacks You Need ASAP   Whether it’s a hug pillow for lonely single pringles or square shaped watermelons, the Japanese always have a way to simplify and better our lives. If you’ve ever watched videos of wacky Japanese tools wondering if what you’re watching is a gimmick or...
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13 Unofficial Life Hacks In Singapore That Only Expert Level Locals Know

singapore hacks COVER
Singaporean life hacks   Source Life is hard enough as it is... and with CNY coming up, we’ve yet to face to an army of extended family members probing us on what we’ve got planned for the next 10 years of our lives. I don’t know auntie, I barely have...
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4 Things An NTUC Membership Can Give You Besides Supermarket Perks

Benefits of an NTUC membership   While checking out after grocery shopping at NTUC FairPrice, the auntie will surely ask, “Member?” I’ve shaken my head about 958 times and have never given the question a second thought. We all assume memberships are scams and that we won’t spend enough to...
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11 Things You'll Only Learn From Going Through The Singapore Army

Singapore army life hacks
National Service Life Hacks   They say National Service is a life-changing experience that shapes boys into men. Your pink IC will resurface after two years, giving you the freedom to once again wreak havoc - but not before you learn some hard lessons. By hard lessons, we mean life...
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7 FREE Cashbacks That Singaporeans Are Forgetting To Claim On A Daily Basis

Getting yo cashback game on   It’s no secret that as Singaporeans, we love anything and everything free. Free sample? Take. Complimentary goodie bag? Let’s have 2 of those. So prepare yourself for the ultimate kicker: free cash . Yes, you read that correctly.  It comes as a surprise that...
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5 Office Hacks That Will Make You A Hero At Your Workplace

Good (office) vibes only   There’s nothing wrong with making yourself at home in the office, but when your keyboard starts to give you new fingerprints, and your seat starts to reek of last week’s lunch - you know you’ve got a problem on your hands. Most of us are...
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4 Places In CENTRAL Singapore That Always Have Empty Carpark Spaces

Seah Im Carpark
Half Empty carparks    All drivers know there’s an indescribable joy in spotting a single green bulb over a parking lot in a sea of red bulbs, or when we spy someone walking over to his car, ready to vacate a lot. Unleashing our inner Schumachers , we'd bend the...
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