K Fry Urban Korean: Fried Chicken Restaurant Opposite KSL Mall With Epic Cheesy Hot Plates

K Fry Urban Korean
K Fry Urban Korean in Johor Bahru   If you’re headed to Johor Bahru for the weekend and need a break from your shopping spree in KSL Mall, head across the road to K Fry Urban Korean , just beside the Holiday Villa Hotel lobby. With no pork, no lard...
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50 Stunning JB Cafes To Cross The Border For In 2016

Hello from the other side   A good cuppa, flatlay-friendly breakfast sets and insta-worthy interior are essentially what most of us seek when it comes to cafe-hopping. We complain about travelling from one end to another when cafe-hopping in Singapore, but when all of these comes at only ⅓ of...
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17 Reasons Johor Bahru Should Be Explored By Every Singaporean Right Now

Exploration across the causeway   Source There’s so much more across the Causeway than City Square, KSL mall and Bak Kut Teh! Few Singaporeans have explored Johor Bahru (JB) thoroughly enough to unearth the gems it hides - we only visit the same old "safe" places that Singaporeans frequent. Not...
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5 Must-Try Lok Lok Vans In Johor Bahru

About Lok Lok Vans In Johor Bahru   Source Lok Lok, which literally means “boil boil” in Cantonese, can be found across Malaysia and is similar to satay as the ingredients are skewered on sticks. One key difference though - Lok Lok has way more delicious and awesome variety such...
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Food Trail Guide To Johor Bahru City Square - How To Get There And What To Eat

Visiting JB   It’s boring visiting the same shopping centres over and again, and it’s no wonder more Singaporeans are going across the Causeway to do their shopping. You'll find groups of aunties with their big shopping bags, parents and children and even groups of teenagers heading out to the...
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12 Must-Visit Johor Bahru Food Places To Eat Like A Local

Eat like a local in JB   As Malaysians, we know that the best way to get to know a place and its people is through food. Hence, when I moved out to Johor Bahru for a few years, getting to know its people was exactly what I set out...
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