Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park: 3-In-1 Themepark In JB With Giant Slides, Obstacles, & Drift Karting

Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park Johor Bahru
Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park   The next time you find yourself planning a trip to JB, make time for something other than the good food the Malaysian city has to offer. A 25-minute drive from City Square mall, Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park is a 3-in-1 park...
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Tristan Park - Dirt Biking 20 Minutes From JB Central To Ride Like Power Rangers With Your Squad

Dirt biking in JB
Dirt biking in JB   When we think about travelling to JB, most of us get excited for the cheap food and shopping. But there are lesser attempted activities to consider across the Causeway, and dirt biking is one of them - think of it as riding a cross between a motorbike...
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10 Reasons To Visit Legoland This December Holidays

School's Out!    The December holidays have finally arrived. While some of us choose to fly abroad, leaving the rest of us to stay in Singapore, the month is long and there are plenty of things for us to do. No point sitting around and moping - having fun is...
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17 Reasons Johor Bahru Should Be Explored By Every Singaporean Right Now

Exploration across the causeway   Source There’s so much more across the Causeway than City Square, KSL mall and Bak Kut Teh! Few Singaporeans have explored Johor Bahru (JB) thoroughly enough to unearth the gems it hides - we only visit the same old "safe" places that Singaporeans frequent. Not...
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Legoland Water Park, Malaysia Opens! - A Gorgeous Photo Journal

At the park gate. We were taught this L gesture by the park photographers ... "L" is for Legoland. Everything you need to know about the New Waterpark It was a really scorching hot day during the soft opening of Legoland Waterpark Malaysia for media and their families. Judging by...
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Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park

Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park
It seems there's little chance of escaping the Hello Kitty "juggernaut". When I first spotted my friends uploading their Facebook albums on their visit to the theme park, I knew it's matter of time that my parental duty will be called upon to fulfill my children dreams. It started innocuously...
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Legoland, Malaysia - Top 5 Reasons for Singaporeans to Visit

Legoland Malaysia is still very new, having just opened on the 15th of September, 2012. However, n ot many people know it is extremely close to Singapore, being just a 20 minute drive from the second causeway. With some travel agencies now offering coach + admission bundles at just $55...
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