Singapore's Security Guards May Soon Have Robots And Drones To Help Them

Technology gives security guards a new lease of life   “Disgruntled uncle laments about having to massage distracting and demanding female customers.” If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen this uncle (a.k.a Le Kua La Uncle) appear on Youtube videos chronicling his bad luck with jobs - from his dark...
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8 Food Industry Jobs You Can Apply For Even If You Can Only Cook Instant Noodles

cover image for food industry article
Food manufacturing jobs in Singapore   Adapted from source Too many cooks will spoil the broth because the food manufacturing industry needs more than just cooks to thrive. If you have the necessary scientific skills, creativity and a love for food that transcends the boundaries of the kitchen, the food...
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9 Secret Interview Questions Singaporean Employers Ask And How To Ace Them

Weird job interview questions   “ Do you ever feel like a plastic bag? ” isn’t just the first line of Katy Perry’s hit song “Firework”. It’s also a legit interview question asked at Canada’s Wonderland theme park.  But it’s not just managers in ang moh countries who ask such...
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How to Hack Your Way Into the Next Promotion - According To Singaporean Employers

Struggle no more in getting a promotion   “Huh, you work how long already still never get promo? How to survive with that pay?” might be something that annoyingly rings in our ears every social gathering. If only our friends and family knew how difficult it is to climb up...
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10 Strangest Jobs You Can Get In Singapore To Escape The 9-5 Grind

Weirder than your dream job   Source There was a time when my parents asked me what I want to be when I grow up. I told them, “ Lawyer, Astronaut, Farmer, Hawker, Taxi Driver, and Librarian .” They were confused that a 5-year-old had such aspirations, but what they...
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7 Part-Time/Full Time Jobs For Girls Who Love Make-Up, Beauty, Or Fashion

beauty fashion jobs
Fashion/Beauty- Related Jobs   Scrolling through Zalora or watching makeup tutorials on YouTube during work hours is something we fashion/makeup addicts are all guilty of. Sitting in front of a screen from 9 to 5 within the confines of a cubicle is obviously a nightmare to anyone who cannot just...
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10 Fun Short-Term Jobs In Singapore That Beat Nua-ing Away At Home

WRS Vet-Keeper
Short-term jobs with a fun working environment   Staying at home all day binging on chips and gluing your eyes to the laptop screen sounds pretty darn appealing, but the cold hard truth is that the nua life is simply not sustainable. Your ang bao stash is slowly depleting, and...
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13 Confirm-Plus-Chop Ways To Snag A Pay Raise AND Year-End Bonus

The game plan to your well-deserved pay raise   Chances are, you’re a 20-something-year-old who’s just managed to get your career on track - not as green as a fresh grad, but not in the industry long enough to be completely jaded. You’ve been in the position for a substantial...
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Job Hunting In Singapore Is Now Easier With These 2 New Features

Job searches made easy   More often than not, job search sites and apps bombard you with too much information about every job they have, rather than doing what they're supposed to: connect you to your new job. With FastJobs' latest update to its user interface to include the ‘Discover’...
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11 Ways To Make Freelancing A Full-Time Thing In Singapore

Freelancers Singapore
Go from surviving to thriving as a freelancer   Source The trendy F-words rolling off the tongues of millennials today are Flexibility, Freedom and Freelancing. We toy with the idea of being our own bosses, earning our own keep and enjoying simple privileges in life such as having nobody to...
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