5 Healthy Drink Recipes To Enjoy MARIGOLD UJI CHA Japanese Green Tea

MARIGOLD UJI CHA Japanese Green Tea   Regardless if you’re a coffee, bubble tea, or kopitiam teh ping addict, you’re probably used to dropping quite a bit of money on your cups of cold, sweet goodness. And while $3/day doesn’t seem like much, it adds up to quite a fair...
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KFC's New Shoyu Sansho Fills The Gap For Japanese Fried Chicken In Singapore

Try KFC's new Shoyu Sansho Chicken for a taste of Japanese soy sauce and sansho seaweed!
KFC’s new chicken is SHOYUmmy   We’ve already solved the dilemma with Korean food - Korean fried chicken joints all over the island have tingled our taste buds with their kimchi -infused, fried chicken goodness. But when it comes to cravings for both Japanese food and the greasy goodness of...
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10 NEW Things To Do In Tokyo That Tourists Have No Idea About

Hidden Places In Tokyo   Tokyo is the Doraemon pouch of travel destinations. I’ve been there twice now, and both times I return with an entire FamilyMart franchise in my suitcase, only to discover some hyped place I missed out, and some newfangled pastry I should’ve ingested. Third time’s a...
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Hello Hokkaido! Festival: Food & Travel Fair At RWS With Ramen, Soft Serves & Fresh Crabs

Hokkaido food and drinks to happily stuff yourself with   Source Let’s be real: Jap food is bae . And by that we mean you don’t need an actual bae when you can have Hokkaido ramen, Japanese cheesecake and the famous white chocolate biscuit Shiroi Koibito . For those who...
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Food Japan 2016: Atas Pasar Malam For People Obsessed With Japanese Food

Taste trending Japanese food before it hits Singapore   If you’re wondering why senpai hasn’t noticed you, it’s probably because you haven’t fed him the endless possibilities of oishii Japanese food yet. Whether you’re an F&B professional or if you’re obsessed with Japanese food (or your senpai ), Food Japan...
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10 Low-Key Japanese Eats In Orchard Road Under $15 Hidden In Basements & Food Courts

Japanese Food On A Budget   I love Japanese food. Nothing quite revs up my appetite like a whiff of ramen or the ooey-gooey goodness of a curry don; in fact, I could eat dons for the rest of my life and never get sick of it - though my...
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Tokutokuya - Hidden "Daiso" In AMK With $2 Japanese Snacks And Hello Kitty Merch

Tokutokuya’s the place for your next Japanese spree   Update 2017:  Tokutokuya AMK and Kallang Leisure Park now operate under  Mijyi .  We’re all for special finds where they’re least expected, so when we heard of Tokutokuya , a $2 Japanese store, we dropped everything but our wallets for a...
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The Centrepoint Has Just Been Revamped And There's Mouthwatering Food Everywhere

The Centrepoint: Orchard’s new food-quake epicentre     The Centrepoint has always been one of the mainstays of the Somerset strip along Orchard Road, opposite Somerset MRT. The mall is reopening in phases having undergone a recent revamp, and shoppers can already experience several first-in-Singapore food delights in a new...
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Emporium Shokuhin - Guide To Singapore's Newest Japanese Food Paradise

The freshest Japanese food in Singapore   Deep inside the rapidly-expanding downtown shopping mall of Marina Square lies its newest addition, Emporium Shokuhin. It’s a bit hard to say what Emporium Shokuhin is in just one mouthful, because there’s a lot of brand-new stuff to see and do here. We’ll...
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Wagakoro Hide Yamamoto: Freshness Of Tsukiji Fish Market Flown Into Singapore

About Wagakoro Hide Yamamoto   I don’t mean to brag, but I’m winning in this six degrees of separation game - award-winning Chef Hide Yamamoto, who carries the laurels of serving three generations of Presidents, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, cooked for me too. Yo Clinton, we homies yet? Earlier this...
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